How 'Bout That Movie?

December 3, 2009
By Melanie Wilson SILVER, Setauket, New York
Melanie Wilson SILVER, Setauket, New York
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“I was watching this movie a few nights ago. It was Iron Man. It wasn’t actually half bad,” Ron said.

John and Ron, who were brothers, were eating dinner with Maureen, John’s wife, and Ron’s girlfriend, Sarah. They were celebrating Maureen and John’s second wedding anniversary.

“However, when I walked in, I thought it looked a bit ridiculous!” Sarah said, while Maureen laughed.

“Don’t worry Sarah, John watches stupid TV all the time and giggles at every word.”

“Hey! Mad TV is really funny. I don’t know how they come up with it!” John said.

“Oh, John.”

“What? If you watched with me, you’d get what I’m talking about!”

“Alright, next anniversary?” Maureen said.

“Oh, speaking of movies, Maureen, what did you think about that movie you saw last week with Sarah?” Ron asked.

“Uh, which?”

“I think it was called…something about a fish or something?”

“I didn’t…”

“Yeah, last week, on Wednesday night, right Sarah?” Ron asked.

Maureen looked at Sarah who widened her eyes. “Um, oh right. It was pretty good.”

Ron cocked his head. “What was the name of it again?”


“Big Fish,” Sarah blurted out.

“Wait, I thought we had tacos at home on Wednesday night,” John said.

“No, uh, I’m thinking those were Thursday.”

“So the movie was ‘pretty good’? That’s the only thing that Sarah said about it too,” Ron said. He looked at Sarah suspiciously.

“Well there wasn’t much to it,” Sarah said.

“And you guys went to get drinks afterwards?” Ron asked.

“Um, yeah,” Maureen said, glancing at Sarah.

“Where did you go?”

“‘Cody’s…’” started Sarah.

“‘Brooklyn’s…” Maureen said at the same time.

Ron looked at the two women. Maureen looked at Sarah, who looked down at her plate.

“You must think I’m an idiot,” Ron said, getting up from his seat. “You weren’t at the movies Wednesday night.”

“Yes we were,” Sarah muttered.

“Maureen didn’t know about it until tonight! Or did you just get her too drunk at Cody’s, I mean Brooklyn’s Best, that she couldn’t remember!” Ron threw his napkin onto his chair, and stormed off.

“Maureen, I’m sorry…” Sarah said, and pushed back her chair.

“Yeah,” said Maureen.

“I guess I’m not gonna be seeing you guys anytime soon… hope you have a lovely evening…” Sarah left the table.

Maureen turned to look at John. “Wait, didn’t you say you were at the movies with Ron on Wednesday night?”

The author's comments:
We had a dialog story assignment in class and I wrote this for it.

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