gunned down

December 2, 2009
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Whoosh! The bullet forms the 1774 musket whizzed by my head. The fast air brushed against my head now helmetless because of the previous days of the war. As I ducked behind the wall at the fort I looked around and saw my close friend John shot in the arm. I rushed over to help him but there was no way to save his arm the bullet had punctured deep into his arm. I didn’t know what to do,” I have to cut the bullet out” I shouted.

I quickly got out my Katana from my bag that I keep with me at all times. “You understand that what I’m about to do is going to hurt more than ever”. “I don’t care just get it out”! He shouted.

I had no other choice so I pushed the blade into the skin of my friend and cut around the bullet. As soon as I started I knew that there was no way that I was going to get the bullet out.

“It’s in too deep” I shouted over the firing of guns and loading of ammo. “You are just going to keep it in until u get proper medical attention”. “Ok fine help me up” john shouted. I grabbed my friends hand and lifted his body from the ground. Only a few seconds after we had regained balance I heard a small tick and I saw his helmet move. I watched his eyes roll back into his head as he fell to the ground I knew instantly what had happened, my friend had been killed. I tried to locate the shooter when I suddenly felt weary I looked down and say a seeping bullet wound in my chest. I feel to my knees and before I could breathe I was shot again directly in my frontal lobe I fell to the ground forgotten and alone.

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