School Starts

December 1, 2009
By Jacob BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Jacob BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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The day had finally come. Among the far off hills, light began to fill the sky. The deep purples morphed into reds and yellows. The day grew brighter. Slowly. Houses dotted the landscape, formed into blocks, boxes of streets and homes. In the houses, minds began and bodies began to rise. Slowly. As the first rays of sunlight reached across the land, stretching from the horizon like great arms filling the world with life, the minds began to wake, the bodies began to wake. Through windows the light reached, touching the bodies, prodding the minds.

And suddenly noise began to fill the air. Just before the minds could grasp the day, could welcome the light with open arms, they were jolted alive by the mornings blaring trumpets. Roaring alarms woke the minds, rattled them from their slumber.

At first there was resistance. The drop of a tired hand, then silence once more. But momentarily the crowing noise began again. The people must wake! This was what these stewards of sleep believed. Their sole purpose: welcome the day; wake the minds. As the roosters of the past, they had one purpose. Welcome the day. The people must welcome the day! Soon the minds, recognizing the futility or resistance, heeded the morning salutation. Slowly. The clocks and the noise could rest.

The day had finally come. The minds had finally woken. The bodies finally rose. Groggily the people rose from their beds. They rose from their resting places, which had cradled them through the night. From this place, which held them softly aloft dreaming clouds, gliding quietly through lands far and places dear, they now rose, disgruntled, and uncomfortable. Slowly.

The children rose, and dragging themselves through the chambers of still quiet homes searched for purpose; for if one is to welcome the day, they must first renew the spirit and fire which carried them through the last. Like ants searching the dust they scoured. Roused by their offspring the parents rose. The parents rose and fumbled through the homes, pouring cups of steaming ambrosia that focused the minds, pulling their minds from the morning fog that prevented their coming haste. Now with new resolve the bodies began to move, more quickly now than once believed possible. To the minds there was something now apparent. A glimmering reminder. Something at which they before could only reach for but never quite grasp. A shimmering star on a distant horizon. Something of which now filled the minds with a sense of urgency and anticipation. A rallying call.

Swiftly they turned, thoughts to forgotten memories, startled expressions to one another, eyes to clock faces. The hands, which now seemed cruel masters, pointed to the minds’ near neglect. For this day was no regular day. This day had been dreaded, hoped for, and planned for. Moons had passed, calendar pages had slipped by, but now this day, which shook the minds from their sanctuary had come.

From the homes the people began to emerge. Like ants flowing out from their hills the people began to move about. They now had their goal in mind and wielded the determination to pursue it.
Cars sputtered to life, filled with rushing families, awakened from their rest and forced to their daily labor. The cars knew their job. Others walked. Their destination was not far. And the sidewalks and the streets welcomed their footsteps. Even more sat along streets, hunched over curbs, waiting for assistance. The people hearts filled with anxiety. Slowly.

As the bodies neared their goal, the minds became tense. The minds filled with worry, causing the bodies to tremble. The preparation did not prepare them for this. Did not prepare them for the moment they arrived. The moment they stepped out of the cars, or stopped walking, when they were finally there; the focus of that day. Now, their freedom had come to an end. Once more they had arrived at that institution of learning. Wiping sweat from their brows they entered. The first day of school began. A new year triumphantly arrived. Their anticipation now bloomed. They walked through the front gates. Slowly.

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