"Gone For To Long"

November 30, 2009
Ther once was a boy who loved his father,and his father loved him.The only problem the boy had with his father was,his father didn't get along with his mother.The mother and the father would sometimes argue for hours.Then one arguement went way over board and the mother kicked the father out of the house.Then the father brought the mother to court to get custody of his own son.The boys mother had such a well lawyer the judge denied it.The father was very dissapointed in himself for losing his son.After the judge denied the custody handing over,the judge did the whole commercial line,"but wait there's more".Then the father filled up with hope.The judge was at least kind enough to grant 1 of the lonely father's wishes.The judge granted the father the wish of at least visiting his son.Every single day the father would come pick up his son and take him out to dinner or do something special with him.Then one day the father told the boy that he had a big surprise for him tommorrow.The next day the boy was very excited.Then the boy waited by the door for his father to come for minutes,then minutes turned to hours,then hours turned to days,then days turned months,and the months turned to years.The young boy grew up into a young man waiting for word from his father or about his father,but never got anything.Then the young man grew up into an old man.Then the old man died one day and his last words were,"Gone For To Long".

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