Loves a Drug

November 28, 2009
By Annabell<3 BRONZE, Borger, Texas
Annabell<3 BRONZE, Borger, Texas
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When your life is Measured in seconds 3 years can seem like a LIFETIME.

After being home schooled all the way up to her freshmen year in high school, Brooklyn Daniels was a perfect student and daughter. But her family was finally settling down... at least for now. Brooklyn, Honey it’s your first day you don’t wanna be late. Really in truly see didn’t even want to go at all. She put the finishing touches on straitening her hair then came down the stairs. With tears in her eyes her mother hugged her neck “Don’t worry mama I'll be fine "Brooklyn assured her mother. Brooklyn walked out the door down the walk way hung a left walked down Elk street past the old ran down ice cream shop from there hung another left then about 20 yards away was the place where she will spending every weekday copped up learning about the stuff she already knew ( well about school subjects anyway.)
She walked through the front doors of the Plantex High School. She was trying to stay out of everybody’s way. When the quarter back of the 4 time district champion’s football team, walked up to her and started making conversation. “Are you new here?” Yes she replied. Hi I’m Brad, Can I show you around? Sure if it’s not too much of a hassle. Of course it’s not for a pretty little thing like you. Do you really think so? Yes ma’m . A girl like you won’t last long around here. What do you mean by that? You’re really pretty. Hey, I have to go to football practice I’ll catch up with you later. Okay, Thanks for showing me around. Brooklyn pulled out the map of the school because she was totally lost not only in the school but in Brad’s baby blue eyes. Soon enough later came in Brooklyn’s 6th hour there was Brad sitting in a chair backwards and when Brooklyn walked in he paused his conversation with his football buddies and looked at her and whispered that’s her guys isn’t she beautiful. She smiled and walked towards him. She was to amazed by his beauty and power the that the cheerleader captain stole the seat he had saved for her. The cheerleader started running her fingers through his hair. She took her seat at the back corner of the classroom. Brad gave her a look that gave butterflies every time he smiled with his big perfectly straight teeth. Finally the bell rang. Brooklyn grabbed her books and walked out of the classroom she looked around but couldn’t find Brad. Maybe he’s just not that into you she thought to herself. Brooklyn wait up! Brad came up behind her and looked down and told her, “Hey, listen there’s this party Friday at one of the guys house and.. I was wondering if you would go with me. “Aren’t you going with that cheerleader? Who Hillary pssh no. Okay I’ll ask my parents what I’m doing. Brad pushed her long blonde hair out of eyes see you later?

Yeah sure, It’s the last hour of the day Brooklyn pulled out her map and went off to her art class. That couldn’t have took any longer she couldn’t even concentrate on her work. The final bell of the day rang Brooklyn quickly gathered her things and walked out of the classroom. There was Brad waiting on her. Hey, Cutie can I walk you home? Sure it’s not out of your way. Nothing is for you. They walked and talked until they got to the old ice cream shop. When brad stopped her and leaned down and pressed his chapped lips against her mouth. When he pulled away he looked deep into her green eyes and said, “Brooklyn I like you a lot I don’t want anyone else to have you. Will you go out with me?” Yes she sweetly replied. “ I’ll never hurt you.” The famous words of any boy in love with a pretty girl Monday November 2, 2011 They walked hand in hand . Brad can I ask you something? Yeah sure baby anything. Don’t you think we are moving a little fast we only have known each other for a day. Not really the first time I saw you it felt like we were the only 2 people in the whole school. Oh really you know they say that happens with true love. He look down at her and winked maybe so. Well this is my stop see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to ask your parents. Okay she felt his strong hand grab her arm and spin her around. He looked into her eyes and picked her up off the ground and kissed her one last time… until tomorrow.
Brooklyn ran into her house and shut the door and pressed her back against it in awe of her new boyfriend. She walked in the kitchen and found a note that her parents had left her, “Brooklyn, Your father and I have gone out don’t wait up we will be home late there’s money in the cookie jar order a pizza you can have a friend over if you want hope your first day was great.” She couldn’t help but to think of Brad. She wanted to invite him over but she didn’t want to lose her trust with her parents. So she went up stairs took a long hot bath and thought about how she was gunna bring the whole boyfriend thing about to her parents. She went to sleep thinking of the best day of her life. Hoping tomorrow will be even better. But she couldn’t wait until Friday.
Her alarm was going off at the usual time 6:30. She got up and did her hair and make-up. Brooklyn walked out the front door and there was Brad waiting to walk her too school. You look beautiful today sweet pea. Thanks you look really hot. Are you here too walk me to school or hang at my house all day? Well, I guess I’ll walk you. You guess? Yes baby I would love to walk you to school. Why thank you kind sir. Okay Brooklyn lets go back too talking normal? Yeah how did you sleep? Could have been better. Oh really how’s that? If you were with me. Oh is that right.
School came and went and Brooklyn found herself walking with Brad to school and back home day after day. Soon enough Friday came around. Brad picked Brooklyn up in his dads cars he did all the right things opened the car door held her hand showed her off to all of his friends. It was a perfect night until someone brought the needles and someone else brought the shots and before too long Brad was drunk and high. Brooklyn wanted to go home but Brad would let her have the keys. Brad was so strong he pushed her around. He finally got behind the wheel and strapped her in the passengers seat come on baby lets go for a drive. No she screamed trying to pull away but she was so small compared to him.
Brooklyn closed her eyes she couldn’t bare to watch her life flash before her eyes. When she opened her eyes for the first time since she got in the passenger’s seat. She looked around and she was in a hospital bed. Brooklyn asked the nurse what happened. You were in a car wreck the driver was killed. Oh my goodness BRAD!! Wait what about the other people in the other car? They were killed at the scene of the crash. OH my gosh can I see my parents? Brooklyn the people in the other were your parents and I’m sorry to tell you this but you only have the res t of today to live you have internal bleeding . Brooklyn lived the rest of that day she went and apologized to Brads parents for not trying hard enough to take the keys away. She finally came back too the hospital and died on Saturday November 7, 2011. Brooklyn’s dying request was that her headstone would say, “Never fall to fast.”

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Drugs and love aren't the same

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