The Worst Day of My Life (Part 1)

November 28, 2009
By KarianaGold PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
KarianaGold PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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My name is Kammy Jenson.
It’s been a year and thirteen days since the worst day of my life.
Her name was Annabel. It fit her perfectly. The way she smiled, laughed, and spoke. We were complete opposites. She loved the limelight; I hid behind the curtain. All of her friends were the kids in school that girls like me considered “The Populars,” The kids who glared at you if they didn’t like what you wore.
But Annabel was different. I knew that from the moment I met her. I walked into that first day in Mrs. Ebert’s Kindergarten and looked around. I was so excited, but then suddenly I was scared. I couldn’t move. Then a small girl with red hair and blue eyes as big as the moon ran up to me and said, “Hi! I’m Anna! Wanna be my best friend?”
I smiled; everything was great.
But that was nine years ago. Now it’s 2010 and I feel alone although I am in a crowd.

There was a girl in our first grade class. Victoria. Not Tory. Not Vicky. It was Victoria and she made sure of that. I don’t know what made her so mean, but she waltzed around the classroom like she owned the place. There were two girls she didn’t hate, Alex and Anna.
She hated me most, I think. I didn’t even realize it until Anna wasn’t there. She got sick with the chicken pox. So in class I sat down at my desk and started drawing a picture. The desk next to me wear Anna always sat was empty. Victoria sat down.
“Hi,” was all she said.
“Hey,” I replied. It wasn’t odd for her to hang out over here before class started, I thought we were friends.
“Stop hanging out with me and Anna,” she said, “She’s my best friend. Not yours.”
“Why?” I felt so small in that moment.
“Because I don’t like you,” she said.
“Anna does.”
“No she doesn’t.” Then Victoria left. I was stunned. I started crying and the teacher called my mom to take me home.
When Anna came back she sat down next to me as usual. She greeted me happily.
“Go away!” I shouted, “Victoria told me how you hate me! I don’t ever wanna talk to you. EVER!”
“What do you mean Kammy?” she said quietly, “I don’t hate you; you’re my best friend.”
“Victoria said you don’t like me anymore.”
“No. I like you,” she told me, “Victoria and me aren’t friends anymore. She said that I couldn’t be friends with her if I kept hanging out with you. So now we’re not friends!”
So Annabel and I stayed friends. That was the first test of our friendship.

Victoria hated us, mostly me. Then fourth grade came along.
A new friend came into our lives. Jamie. We probably would never have become friends if it weren’t for a mix up with my parents.
Two years previously my parents had gotten divorced. My big sister, McKayla, didn’t really speak to my dad anymore at all.
One day, Dad was supposed to pick me up from school and take me to his house. He forgot. So I was sitting in the Office and a girl comes in with her parents. She was tall so I figured she was a sixth grader, so I went back to doodling in my notebook.
“Kammy?” called Mrs. Gran, the receptionist, “Whose class are you in?”
“Mrs. Baker.”
“Oh, that’s perfect!” she smiled, “Come here please.” I walked over. “This is Jamie. She’s new and she’s in your class.”
Jamie was nice. She was amazing. She fit in with you and me perfectly. She was tall, but shorter than me, but that’s no surprise. She had thick, brown hair two her shoulders. Her eyes were brown. She was really pretty.
The three of us didn’t really flow. Different looks, but our personalities matched.
Another new friend or more than that was coming though, and another test came around.

Chris. His messy blonde hair and sky blue eyes had me head over heels. This was a year later, in fifth grade. My teacher sat him near me, but not close enough to talk to. I was glad. The guys who I talk to in class I never actually become good friends with them. My problem was that I had two friends who were way prettier than I was. At least that’s what I thought.
I told Annabel and Jamie all about how I liked him. The next day they made me talk to him. He had started hanging out with a couple of guys out of the “Popular” group.
Annabel started talking to them about basketball. Knowing full well I would join in on this, I love basketball. We laughed and eventually we were all friends. I knew eventually that Chris and I would never become more than friends. I never told Annabel or Jamie this, probably because I didn’t want to believe it myself.
About a month later I walked out to recess late. I ran to the tree I usually meet Annabel and Jamie by. Annabel was there; not Jamie.
“Where’s Jamie?” I asked.
“Kam don’t get mad,” Annabel was worried.
“Why would I get mad?”
She started to answer but a girl, I don’t remember exactly who ran up and said excitedly, “Is it true? Is it true? Jamie and Chris? Oh, my gosh! It is!”
“What?” Annabel didn’t move.
“I’m sorry,” she said, “He just asked her, besides we’re like ten! It doesn’t even matter.” I was going to cry. I could deal with the fact that Chris asked her out, but the fact that she said yes killed me. I ran. I ran to the bathroom to hide my tears. Annabel followed.
“Kammy, its okay!” she said through the bathroom stall door.
“But she knew!” I sobbed, “She knew that I liked him! I always have! That’s why she became friends with him in the first place!”
Chris and Jamie broke up a couple days later.
I never fully forgave her.
A year later Jamie stopped talking to me, and got back together with Chris. They’ve been together ever since.

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...Based on a True Story...

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