Bullying in My LIfe

December 15, 2009
I have seen bullying in my life. When you think about it you realize that it is everywhere, its quite hard to miss. Bullying is when people intensionally hurt someone verbally, physically, or emotionally. It is the wrong way to respond to your anger.

Bullying has not really changed my life, it has only changed my life a little bit. Now that I have seen it I have realized that its not okay to do to someone in any way at all. I also feel bad for the people that get bullied because you can tell that they are getting hurt and its sad to see them get put down. I know I will never bully someone as much as I can. I know that I have bullied people before and I know that we all have, but I try not to. I know it may be hard not to when your mad at someone, but you will feel good in the end if you know you did the right thing by not bullying the person you are mad at.

People can do anything about bullying, either when they see it or they do it. By getting help to the person that is being bullied you are being the one voice to stand up. You can tell the school, or go to a trusted adult and tell them what is going on and they will get you help. Anyone can help you if you stand up and get the courage to get some help. Even if all of your friends get mad at you for telling, just say who cares I got help for them and everything will be better. Whenever you can, stand up and get help.

There are many causes for why people bully. As we all know bully is the wrong reaction to your problems, but it still happens. Some reasons for bullying may be that the person is depressed, the person may get bullied at home, or the kid has a disability of anger management. For any of these reasons the kid might bully, they need to get help.

One time in my life when I saw bully was when I was at one of the school football games. I was sitting there watching the game when suddenly I saw a group of many people chasing after a few girls. Everyone started following them going to see what was happening, so I decided to do the same thing. I later saw a group of girls surrounding my sister. I ran up to her friend and asked her what was going on, she said that a group of mexicans thought my sister was being racist and decided to beat her up. I told my sister friend to go in and get my sister out. They were jumping on her and ripping on her and and trying to fight her when my sisters friend suddenly went into the mob and got my sister out. She had saved the day!

In conclusion, bullying is the wrong way to respond to your anger. Even if you think your cool, by doing it your really not. So just don’t do it if you want to keep your life easy.

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