The Birth of the Alien

December 14, 2009
By Tyler Jantzen BRONZE, Akron, Pennsylvania
Tyler Jantzen BRONZE, Akron, Pennsylvania
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I was flying in my father’s helicopter, cruising over the mountains and searching for aliens. My name is Bobby Crocket and I like to try and discover aliens and spacecrafts. “Yes!” I said. “I’ve finally found me and alien! Oh. That’s only a hang glider.” I pronounced sadly. I’m starting to not believe that aliens exist. My best buddy, Charlie, was standing right next to me. “Why are you so interested with finding aliens?” he said. “Don’t you want to find out if there’s anything out there other than us?” I asked. I do want to find life but just not right now.” Suddenly, a huge meteor type ship thing came shooting down and hit right below the helicopter. “What was that!?” I yelled. “It looked like a meteor,” answered Charlie. “Let’s go and investigate,” I said. We flew down to the crash of the meteor and there was a huge hole about half as deep as the Empire State Building is high. We landed right next to it and grabbed our climbing equipment. I started to go down but Charlie pulled me back up. “You might want to look in the hole before you start climbing down,” he informed me. I looked down and saw a green glow at the bottom and it was starting to rise up. “What do you think it is Bobby?” asked Charlie. “I think it might be the fuel from the meteor and it’s expanding for some reason.” Then I heard a zzaapp and I looked right next to me. It had two slits in its head and had three arms coming out of its chest and four legs. It was holding a weapon of some sort and it was pointed right at Charlie. VWOOP!! A blue lazer came out of the gun and instantly paralyzed Charlie. I was about to run but the alien paralyzed me too. Once we were paralyzed it took one suction tipped finger and touched Charlie between the eyes. It killed Charlie!! I thought. Will I ever see my family again? What happened to Charlie? As soon as the weapon wore off the alien fell over, dead, with a yellowish liquid leaking from his head. Good thing the paralyzing weapon wore off. “Charlie. Are you okay?” I said nervously. Suddenly his eyes opened up and claws came shooting out from his fingers. “Ahhhhh!!!” I screamed while I ran away. I can’t believe Charlie turned into an alien!! I thought. “Bobby, come here.” said Charlie in a voice that was not his. I came closer and then, suddenly…BOOM!! “SURPRISE!!!” yelled everyone. I forgot it was my birthday.

The author's comments:
Nothing really inspired me to write it. It just sort of popped into my head. People don't really need to get anything from it.

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