The Ghost in Room 783

December 12, 2009
By SILVER, Hickman, Kentucky SILVER, Hickman, Kentucky
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One day a young couple checked into a hotel and the man gave them a key to room 783. They were walking to their room when they met a creepy old man. What room do you have? he asked. Room 783 they replied. Yiu don't want that room the man said. Why not they asked. It is haunted by Alexis Santora the woman who was murdered by her mother that night the man said. Then he was gone. They went to there room. Terified the woman said do you think there is really a ghost? No that is all abunch of mumbo jumbo replied the man. They went to be, but they woke up to a woman's scream. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pitched the scream. The woman went down to the front desk to complain. She told the manager and they went uo to the room to investigate. When they got there all of the ligths were turned off and the man stood by the bathroom with a knife. Then a ghost appeared and said She had token over the body and they had a choice him or all of their family. Sadly they never made their own choice and he died. They still say that not only 1 room 783 is haunted but all of them are. So if you're ever at a hotel, motel, or inn don't alow them to send you to room 783. They also say that if you go into that same hotel there is a picture of the woman Alexis Santora and if you look into it although it is all jacked up you will only have 3 days to live.

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