The Evil Book

December 4, 2009
By Emily Harrison BRONZE, White Plains, New York
Emily Harrison BRONZE, White Plains, New York
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Have you ever wanted to rewind a time in your life? Wished you never spilled that one secret that was for your ears only and lose complete and total trust with that person? Ha, what about this one? Have you ever written something crude and ill-humored about someone thinking they would never see it? Well trust me I’ve been there and back. It may seem like ‘Oh what’s the big deal?’ You’ll see when it comes back to you in life and kicks you in the butt.

Third grade was the year for me. The year everyone felt so mature and ‘too cool for school’. We think about that today and are like ‘are you kidding me?’ Third grade?! Ha, sure, think again. Well anyway it was a typical school day until you get annoyed just a bit too far by someone. I guess you can call this ‘someone’ my ‘frenemy’, neither my friend nor enemy. That day she just happened to be more on the enemy side and get me mad ‘till I got home. Well, did I handle my anger in a way that seemed harmless to me at the time. I wrote a few journal entries about this girl and her little sidekick. Writing some words you wouldn’t think a third grader would know about.

I always thought keeping things in a journal would be the best way to resolve some issues. Not when you have an immature older sister who can’t keep her hands on her own stuff. My sister found my journal and thought it would be funny if she showed the ONE particular person what I wrote about her. I was told by another friend about my sister’s schemas plan to make me suffer. For the rest of the school day I tried to ignore her until I had to get something from my desk and she was alone at hers. I tried to pretend she wasn’t there until she quoted what I wrote about her.

Apology after apology she wouldn’t take it. Then I saw why she was alone at her desk. She was reading my journal for quiet reading time! I just remember thinking ‘oh snap she is going to turn the whole world against me’ and ‘I’m going to kill my sister.’ Everything that I thought would happen did and my sister is now buried in the graveyard on North Broadway. Haha, just kidding. Well, I not only lost trust with my friends who are only siding with her because they want her to think that they hate me, but I knew they didn’t which disappointed me greatly. Now everyone is friends and we all laugh about that incident. Some more than others. I don’t trust journals anymore, who knows what could happen and where the journal might end up. I just happened to get kicked in the butt a little too hard to regain my trust with the evil book.

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