A battled mind

November 27, 2009
By Sami Broussard BRONZE, Firestone, Colorado
Sami Broussard BRONZE, Firestone, Colorado
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Shes trembling.
Her idea of flying and falling in love came swiftly,
An overwhelming amount she says.
The mountains hold her like a child,
and the ocean is so far but is willing to swallow her whole.
Reading the faces of humanity she always fell to loneliness,
mindlessly she tore open the pages.
Revenge feels so perfect at that point,
these people deserve a new point of view.
But, really do they 'deserve?'
Hands folded and legs crossed she sits in the pathway of
the mountain. For days she sat, in wonder at what love truly was
she deserves to know more than anyone.
Opening her eyes the sun is setting, its golden pulse just
flowing, flowing toward her. The suns energy, the honesty of the earth,
the blue sadness that she calls her sky everything was true beauty.
Even the violence of nature was beautiful to her.
Why feel sorrow for people who dont know...
Dont know what the world is truly capable of.
People dont know anything... She thinks to herself.
"Why should i care about there pain, when i endure the pain
they throw at me everyday?"
Only nature could understand what she meant, or perhaps
someone else like her could as well.

But yes, her idea of love came swiftly the only thing she had every known. Nature, the sun, the pleasant calm of the lakes, the oceans. Oh shes seen it all. But doesnt is get lonely? To be the only one walking among the forsaken people, and realizing but in denial that she is one of them also? Wolves, owls, trees, wind, surely cannot speak as well as she can. Or even speak for that matter, but shes there for the beauty. I wanted to say that shes beautiful as well, but... she would never believe such a thing. This girl who walks among us so hidden yet so seen truly was beautiful. Only the sad thing is she would never know. Does she believe that humans... such as herself are beautiful as well? 'They are a lot like nature' i say she blinks as if shes stunned at the thought.
'Everything around you is made with the same things, its creation but everything is different' she smiles. I think I have struck a nerve, so pushing harder I keep going.
'Nature is violent, so are people but people arnt always violent and neither is nature yes?' Contemplating a new subject she says nothing just thinking. I just stop at that, and walk into the back of her mind.
The questions i ask myself...
So silly dont you think?
Pain is something we deal with, and i will keep wondering back and forth till i come to
a complete stop.
Walking is good...
But so is breathing.

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