Secrets of A Popstar (part 2 crazy)

November 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Shaking I called Mystery for the first time. . .EVER!
“Hello?” asked a voice that sounded like Dylan Logan.
“Hi uh Mystery,”
“Well now that you know who I am. . . guess ya can call me dylan.”
“You do know that if your lying about being Dylan Logan, you can and will be charged with identity theft of the first degree.”
“What are you a lawyer?” he laughed, that was Dylan’s laugh I know cause I watched a interview and he laughed like that.
“No. . . my mom is.”
“How does a lawyer give birth to a singer?” he asked then laughed again.
“The same way a potato farmer does.” I said with a sarcastic laugh. I also knew that his parents owned a potato farm down in Texas. (Thanks to Polly the super fan!)
“Stalker much?” he said laughing.
“No much. My bestfriend is like leader of your fan club. It’s very annoying.”
“So your not a fan?” he said sounding hurt.
“No I am,”
“Good so um do you wanna perform a song with me? Maybe at my concert in Las Vegas, next week?”

I dropped the phone.

“Hello? Hello?” Dylan said.

“What happened?” I heard a voice say.

“I think she went into shock. Ha!”

I picked up the phone. “Dylan? Let me discuss this with my mom. I’ll call ya back.”

I hung up and wondered into the living room. My mother sat on the couch folding clothes. “Mom?” I said my head spinning. “Yes hun?” the dryer went off. “Hold on one sec.”
“Mom this is REALLY important.” She said as she put clothes in the laundry basket.
“I’m sure it is honey just wait,” she picked up the laundry basket.
“Mom. . .”
She dropped the basket. “What?”
After I explained everything to her, I said: “Whatcha say mom?”
“I say. . . watch out world here comes Dawn Kolt.
She nodded.
“OMG!!! Thank you thank you!” I hugged her so hard she gasped.
“I gotta call him!” I ran to my room.
“Hello?” Dylan answered.
“DYLAN!” I yelled.
“Ow! My god I’m guessing she said yes?”
“Yeah!” I said.
“Cool put her on.” I ran back to the living room, and handed my mom the phone.
“Hello, Mr. Logan. . .” she put him on speaker. “You do know that if your lying about being Dylan Logan, you can and will be charged with identity theft of the first degree.”
“Funny,” he said with a laugh. “Your daughter said the same thing to me not 45 minutes ago. Guess it’s a good thing I’m not lying ain’t it?”
“Yes it is,” she said coolly. “Now how do you except us to get to Las Vegas?” she asked.
“Mom!” I said. Heck I’d walk there I was so happy.
“It’s ok Dawn,” he said, he probably found my name out on my intro. “My manager booked a hotel room for your daughter, and yourself. When you tell me what airport you live near I’ll have him book a flight for you two.”
“Oh ok,” my mom said nodding. “North Virginia airport, by the way,”
“Ok,” he said. “Mark North Virginia airport, hold on.”
A couple minutes later Dylan said: “Ok on January 29, 3:00 o’ clock, flight N-49. Your tickets are registered under One Show records.”
“Oh by the way pack stuff for a week, warm stuff.”
“Ok, good bye,”
“Now,” she said turning to me. “How are we gonna tell your father your going to do a duet with a teen heartthrob?”
I laughed. “No idea,”

The author's comments:
part 2! OMG DYLAN! lol

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sunny101 said...
on Jan. 1 2010 at 2:30 pm
I love it! Especially when Dawn finds out who mystery is.


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