Secrets of A Popstar (part 1)

November 27, 2009
How the heck did I end up in Hollywood? I wondered, as I stared out the window. Hollywood. I shudder. Wow . . . nuts. The lights, the stars, the everything. I shudder again. Trust me I knew I was honored to be here. But my god, Hollywood! I’m only 13! Hollywood god damn! Oops sorry god. “Nervous?” Dylan asked. “Yeah.” I said not knowing what else to say. “It’s hard the first time I know.” He smiled at me. Instantly I felt better I loved his smile. The tour bus pulled to a stop. I took a deep breath. “Look out Hollywood here I come.” I breathed.

Chapter 1
Daily life of a loser
The overcrowded, loud, smelly, school bus pulled up to my stop. I practically leaped off. “Whew I can breathe!” I breathed in three times. “Ew god that bus smells!” I said glaring at the smelly death trap as in road away. No one said anything. . . they never do. I’m a nobody to them. Oh well, I thought as I trudged home.

When I got home, my mother sat at the table. Her face in her hands. “Mom? What’s wrong?” I asked. My eyes scanned the table quickly, before she lied and stored everything bad away. I spied a pencil, napkins, take out menu, and ah . . . the bills! “Nothing!” she said brightly as she piled the bills in her purse. “What do you want to eat?” she asked sweetly.

“Nothing right now, I’m gonna go do homework.” I lied. I never have homework because I always get it done. I walked into my itty bitty room and grabbed my laptop (Lord knows how she afforded this) and went on Youtube. I typed my favorite singer’s name: Dylan Logan. He was also ever other girls on the planets favorite singer too. But I liked him for different reason, threes words: Down to earth! Love people like that! Other girls like him because he’s a ‘hawty’.

I clicked on his song: Shawty.

“Yeah, yeah shawty hey there lil cutie,

Had ma eyes on you for quite awhile

C’mon girl let’s see ya smile.

Girl y’know that I love ya

Dontcha love me too?

Oh I know ya do Shawty!

So shawty come away with me tonight,

It’ll be alright.

Let’s have so fun.

Dance till the sun,

Comes up,

C’mon shawty.

Love you Shawty.

Let’s dance shawty.

I’ll twirl you, spin you, dip you, and love you.


Oh Shawty love, love, love you shawty!

I know kinda cheesy. But it’s how he sings it. I went to my videos. I was singing, singing songs I wrote.

I had 2 new comments under a song I wrote called ‘Puppy love,’

Tazdude15: damn girl u hot and good. Hope ya make it!

I blushed. No one ever called me hot before.

The next one was from my BFF Polly

P-p-p-pollygirl14: no offense but u won’t make it . . . ever.

I sighed. Should have known, Polly didn’t believe in me well in singing that is. She thought she was better.

SingtillDawn: Gee thxs some BFF lol jk!

I wasn’t just kidding . . . that really hurt.

I deiced to record me singing Shawty. When I uploaded it, it was past 10. “Damn. . .” I said. I looked around my room. Then sighed. Am I ever gonna get outta this hell hole?

When I woke the next mourning I checked my Youtube account. Nothing. No comments. No views. I frowned. Then I gotta text.

Mystery: hey shawty, how is it going?

I smiled. Mystery! I always wanted to meet him . . . well I met him on twitter, and then I gave him my number. Sadly neither of us has picture messaging. Which sucked. I sighed then texted him back I wrote:

Nothing my newest video got no views. . .

Then I wondered who else in the world was up at five a.m on a Saturday?

Mystery: If I knew ur username I’d view it.

I wrote:

Nice try! Ain’t gonna work!

I always wondered what he looked like. . . but I didn’t want him to see me. Who would want to be with a brown haired, hazel eyed, freak? Not Mystery.

Mystery and I meet because I tweeted that I loved singing but no one believed in me. He told me that it doesn’t matter as long as I believed in myself. Then we kept on chatting and it turns out we have a lot in common. So we gave each other our numbers.

Buzz buzz . . .

A text!

Mystery: C’mon! I really wanna see u!

I wrote:


Then I got a brilliant idea. I went on twitter and pasted my URL to me singing Shawty everywhere. Ha! Now it’ll get some views!

Around 12 I decided to take a walk. I walked all the way down to Rahway which was two sections over. Then I walked to Richmond elementary. I sat on the swing and pumped my legs. Higher and higher I went. Then someone came up behind me and gave me a under doggie. Dazed, I looked around. It was. . . Logan McLeish. He turned and frowned. “Oh hey uh. . . Dawn, right?”

“Uh-huh, hey,”

“Sorry I thought you were . . . Kelsey!” just then Kelsey Windward marched up, glaring at me.

Kelsey was the most popular girl in my school, and the girlfriend of Logan, which I was upset about because I like Logan a lot. Not as much as Mystery . . . but a lot.

“What are you doing with her?” She said looking me up and down with daggers in her perfect blue eyes.

“I uh thought she was you.” He said looking at me.


“KELSEY!!!” he screamed. “Shut up you should be frickin’ happy I mistaken her for you, she’s pretty, your mean to her ‘cause you know shes a threat!”

My eyes widen.

“She is NOT!” Kelsey marched off.

“Sorry bout that,” Logan said.

I hoped off the swing.

I shrugged. “I don’t care I learned to ignore the ‘popular kids’ a loooong time ago.”

“Even me?” he asked looking a lil sad.

“Nah. . .”

“Cool,” he smiled, he looked back at Kelsey who was probally walking home.

“Go on,” I said.

“Thanks, bye Darla,”

I didn’t bother correcting him. Who cares? He’ll never love me.

I marched home, angry, sad, and alone. When I entered my room I flopped on my bed and cried. Just cried.

Around seven, I checked my YouTube account, 17,300 comments?! What?! This mourning I had none but now I got 17,300?! I checked the views: 25,908!!! Holy crap!

Then my phone buzzed.

Mystery: I saw you, ur beautiful.

I wrote:


Mystery: Silly girl u posted the URL ALL OVER TWITTER!

Me: Omg that was incredibley stupid.

Mystery: I love that song and ur voice.


Mystery: Like it? I wrote it!

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Sunny101 said...
Jan. 1, 2010 at 2:25 pm
Awesome story keep it up! I love it!
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