THe girl who's life changed overnight. Part 2

December 11, 2009
By , Lapeer, MI
Please read part 1 of this story before you continue to read this. Thanks.

Part 2
Scotty then has some bad thoughts in mind. Riley doesn't realize what Scotty is trying to do. You won't either until the end of the story. Riley then wakes up and is very eager to go to school. It's a friday and their is only a week left until homecoming!

It's friday and homecoming is a mere 6 hours away. Riley and Scotty walk together throughout the halls at school. They have become best of friends. Later on that night Scotty picks up Riley at her house 8pm sharp. That night was full of dancing, talking, and full blown partying! Riley never had this much fun in a long time. She was so blinded by all of it she didn't realize what Scotty was planning. He wasn't going to take her home after homecoming. He decided to take Riley to his friends house for a party which had Half naked drunken teenagers. What Scotty did next is something you wouldn't expect.
Scotty then convinced Riley to have a drink. She Had a couple more after that and within an hour she was drunk. Scotty wanted to make sure she was out so he slipped some drugs into the drink. He then did what he was planning to do all along. He went up to the bedroom where his friend sleeps and started stripping Riley down until she was left without any clothes. He raped her. and then without any warning the police busted the party. Scotty was so concentrated on what he was doing he didn't notice the cop opening the door to the room. Scotty ended up going to prison overnight and Riley was in the hospital getting her stomach pumped. Afterwards Scotty, Riley, Their parents, and the cop discussed what was going on. Riley didn't remember anything. Scotty, he acted stupid and lied telling everyone that Riley gave consent to the sex. Riley couldn't believe that she would do something like that. S she argued with Scotty. The one person who she trusted, Loved, and cared about the most. After a while they broke up and they never spoke again. Secretly she wanted him back more then ever. but she knew he would only hurt her again. He wasn't the kind of guy she wanted to keep in touch with. She fell back into a deep depression and eventually it got so bad that one evening she was home alone and she threw a hard stone at a piece of glass. It cracked. and she took a sharp triangular piece and sliced the thin pale skin on her wrist. Each day when she was alone she took another piece of glass and slit her wrist. By the end of the month every piece of glass had deep red blood on it and it lay in a box stained with red blood. The next day at school she was told that she had failed every class and the counselor had told her that she was a failure. Her mom received the report card with all F's and starting yelling at Riley. Her mom told her that she was worthless, unwanted, stupid, and a bunch of other words. Riley couldn't handle it anymore. So she decided to do one thing that changed her life forever. She went to the kitchen and found the largest, sharpest, Knife she could lay her hands on. As she began to write her last letter, her poem, and story of her life. She mentioned how she would run away to heaven and never come back. She would be their for eternity. She didn't want to be on earth anymore because people did nothing but hurt her. She took the knife and stabbed herself in the chest. Her mother heard screaming and ran up to her daughters room to find her daughter covered in blood with a note laying in her hand a long with the knife from which she slain her own self. The mother called 991 and Riley was sent to the ICU and somehow managed to survive her suicide attempt. After this night she was thankful that atleast one person, Her mom, cared about her enough to save her life. She didn't realize how she would always have a family who loved her and afterwards her mother learned to pay more attention to her daughter and worry less about other things. They have grown very close and now Riley has a story to tell all the other teenagers who may have some reason do be depressed.

"No matter how hard life may seem, or how many people put you down any chance they get, Just realize that we all have family, whether they are biological or not they all care about you, we will always have a best friend, and you will never be alone, Just don't ever give up, because life does get better. Never give up"

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