The girl who's life changed overnight.

December 11, 2009
Their was this girl who lived in the greatest neighborhood anyone could ever ask for. Her family appeared to be loving and supportive while they weren't at work or worrying about paying bills. The girls name was Riley. In her neighborhood she had a lot of friends, But she thought otherwise. Her "so called" friends constantly lied to her, talked to her behind her back, and created numerous rumors about her. She couldn't take no more. A few weeks later Riley noticed her parents arguing, She stayed awake and peeked into the next room and listened. She couldn't believe it. Her parents were getting divorced. As she went back into her room she started crying thinking to herself "what have I done"? She went to school on monday and had a horrible day, Her friends hadn't been their for her when she really needed someone to lean on. Instead she visited the school counselor. Her name was Kassidy and she wasn't very supportive either. She told Riley to find a way to be happy. So thats what Riley did. She continued the rest of her day, Smiling, She had replaced the sad droopy look with a smile that could light up the whole classroom. The only problem was what she was hiding behind it. Tears upon tears and sadness that could fill up a train with emptied cargo and manage to over fill it with the left over sadness from last night. She can't understand why everything is happening to her. One blow after another she can't take it anymore. She becomes depressed. She sleeps when she gets home from school until morning the next day, She doesn't bother to eat unless she is told to and even then she is forcing it because she isn't hungry anymore. She isolates herself in her room day in and day out. In school she doesn't talk to anyone not even the counselor. She lost all her trust in everyone. By now her parents are divorced and she is living with her mom. Her mom always has a lot on her mind and she always seems to forget about Riley. She forgets to tell Riley she loves her and doesn't hug Riley every morning before school like she used to. Riley is sitting on her bed and she thinks about how much she misses her dad. Riley whines "I wish I could live with my dad atleast he would care about me and love me as much as my mom hates me and ignores me". At that very moment she walks up to her mom and tells her that she is going to live with her dad. Her mom gets very mad at Riley and storms off. Telling her all sort of hateful things. (her mom is the type that gets angry and always finds a way to make Riley feel unnaceptable, worthless, and just unwanted by everyone). The next day at school Riley realizes that Homecoming is in 2 weeks. She decided not to go. She thought that if she didn't have any friends or any parents who loved her than what kind of guy would bother to ask her? As she walked to her 3rd hour a boy whom she knew from her english class walked up to her. She knew him as Scotty. Scotty was a shy, polite, easygoing guy. He wasn't very outgoing but he noticed how Riley wasn't the person she used to be by the look in her eyes. He thought she looked confused and lost. With no purpose in life. As Scotty had a short conversation with Riley, They had exchanged phone numbers and emails. That night after Riley got home she immediately got online and waited by the phone for Scotty to call or Email her. She heard the phone ring and jumped up looking at the caller ID. It was just a solicitor as she walked back to the computer. Where her papers lay unmoved from the day before. Riley never really told anyone but when she is all alone she writes poetry and draws pictures to help get her emotions out on paper. This is a huge secret of hers. She thinks that if people find out they will judge her and think her work is just horrible. She is very self counscious and fears a lot of harmless people. She sat down and starting writing. After about ten minutes of poem writing, Scotty had sent her an email. This is what it said

"Riley, I would like to get to know you and be your friend. May I call you tonight and tell you a little bit about myself?


Riley then read the email and she smiled so happily as she finally realized that her life really isn't as bad as she had thought. She didn't bother to email back. She picked up the phone and dialed Scotty's number. The sweet voice that Riley knew so well answered the phone and spoke in a soft child-like voice. I can't mention the whole conversation but it ended like this

Scotty: I have so much going on in my life and I just need someone to help support me and be my friend, you may not know this but everyday at school I look into your eyes and I see indirection and it looks as if your in a deep pit of sorrow. I only wish to make you happy Riley. I will always be here for you.
Riley: Thanks Scotty I didn't realize that I would ever have a friend like you. Can I tell you about something? I need to vent.
Scotty: Sure Riley anything to help you feel better.
Riley: Thanks, Well I have a lot of problems going on in my life. My parents are divorced, My friends they weren't friends at all, and I think I am going to be lonely for the rest of my life. I don't even have a date to the homecoming dance.
Scotty: If you would like I will be your date to Homecoming.
Riley: Seriously?!? You would go with a girl like me???
Scotty: I know this is a lot to handle Riley but I have had a crush on you from the day I looked into you beautiful eyes.
Riley: *in disbelief she freezes up and doesn't know what to say all you hear is heavy breathing*
Scotty: Riley, are you still their? Did I upset you with what I said? Are you ok?
Riley: I am ok. Sorry I just couldn't believe what you just told me.
Scotty: Well believe it because it's true. I have to go to sleep now ok Riley, I love you.
*As Scotty hangs up the phone Riley says in a confused fashion "Scotty you love me???"

*Continued in the story "The girl who's life changed overnight part 2"*

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