The Story Of A Young, Lost Boy

December 11, 2009
By Dannisaur BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
Dannisaur BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
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One early summer morning, I sat on my couch staring out into the lifeless, rainy day. Usually I enjoy rain, the feeling of happiness, and the beauty of it. But not on this particular rainy day, this day I felt like I was the rain, pouring down tears to soak through the ground. I felt the life slipping away from me. My life was so good, always smiling, no matter what the situation was, I always saw the good. Now, ever since “she” broke up with me, everything started turning upside-down, friends leaving me for no reason, breaking my heart into piece as they go. I jumped as I heard my mother pull into the driveway. I quickly grabbed my jacket, and went out, skinny jeans and all, into the rain to cry, that way she would never know. I practically lived alone, ever since my brothers moved out to ruin someone else’s lives. My mom worked an hour away and never got home till at least seven, and my dad’s job kept him away for weeks at a time. It was alright though, I like the feeling of being away from my parents. I saw my mom walk in through the old, white door, seeing the small house shake as she closed it. I could see the tiny figure of my dog, coco, raiding her leg, and standing on her hind legs. Coco always believed she was so special, and also very protective of the things that she “believes” are hers. I could see my mom saying something, but all I could read through the reflective glass on the door, was my name. She set her stuff down, and walked to my room, but turned around instantly as she didn’t see me in there. Coco started scratching on the door, probably because she saw me, so my mom walked over to let her out. She jumped as she saw me sitting there, soaked in rain, “What in the world are you doing out here? It’s pouring.” She had to scream over the rain, or at least she thought she had to, “Just chillin’.” I replied, not hesitating to look at her. “You need to come inside, you might catch something.” She’s always worrying about the littlest things, and practically kills herself over the big things. As I thought that, I felt this sensation run through my body, as if I was suddenly a new person, new personality, and for some reason, I just wanted to..yell, to yell my heart out to her. I looked farther away from her and began crying harder, trying to hold back from yelling at her. “Are you coming in?” She asked, as if I didn’t hear her before. I shook my head, trying, still, not to yell. She stood there at the doorway for a minute; I closed my eyes, dropping more tears. I finally heard her close the door, but I kept looking over till I thought she wasn’t looking. Coco scared me as she came up to me, giving me a sad look. She lifted her nose close to mine, sort of sniffing, and started licking the tears from my face. It made me feel a little better for a moment, but then I felt even lonelier. She sat down close to me, and just stared at me, it’s like she could feel what I feel, every waking moment of my life, she could just look into my and see it all. I heard her whine as she stared at me. I lifted my arm from my face and ran my wet hand down her back. She got up and moved closer to me, still looking at me with a sad face. I lifted my knees up and moved them towards my face, and laid my head on them, staring back at her, thinking of how my life suddenly just turned around. “’So Raye broke up with you, again?’ Paige wrote to me over a Myspace message. Paige and I used to be so close, but ever since I moved to high school, and her still at the middle school, we’ve grown somewhat apart. I’ve known her for years now, and always, somewhere in my heart, liked her. Even when I believed I hated her, she always ended up on my mind. ‘Yeah, I’m not much sure why, she just said that she doesn’t think we’re working out.’ I replied back to her, still thinking of Raye. Raye and me didn’t really seem like a wondrous couple, but I felt like I really liked her. ‘Well, I’m sorry, I cannot say I feel that same thought, because I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while. But I am sorry.’ And at that moment, something in that message made my mind click, and I stopped thinking of Raye, and went straight to Paige. It took me a minute to reply, I had to think of what to say back. ‘Oh well, it ‘tis alright, because relationships can just ruin your life, but anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I’ve realized, that I perhaps like you again.’ After a few minutes I finally hit reply. I jumped up in an excited manor, ran through my house to my second refrigerator, and grabbed a Pepsi; then I ran back inside my house and scavenged for a delicious treat. Of course, my mom hadn’t gone to the store yet, so I grabbed some saltine crackers, and munched on them, smiling from cheek to cheek. I ran back into my room, mouth full of Pepsi and crackers, and jumped into my chair at my computer desk. I rolled my mouse around after setting all my junk down on an over-crowded desk; things tipping off as I tried to hurry to make room so I could set my stuff down and check my messages. After I made room, I clicked on my inbox, ‘NO NEW MESSAGES’, so I went to sent messages and saw that the message I sent to Paige had been read. I waited impatiently, spinning in my chair making random, weird noises, continuously clicking refresh, waiting for a new message from Paige. After about a minute, or so, which felt like at least thirty minutes, I saw an unread message from Paige. I excitedly clicked read message, and moved my eyes across the computer screen as fast as possible. ‘Yes Daniel, I know, but don’t you think it’s a bit early to be saying that? You just ended a relationship. I mean, there is no such doubt that I like you back, but I don’t want to rush things. Plus I don’t even understand why you would like me at all, I’m nothing special. Let’s just talk for a while, and see what happens from there, Kay?’ I felt a little disappointed, but she is right, there is no need to rush, or me and her both will end up right where I’m at. I once again hit reply ‘You are very right, and I think we should do that. And I do believe that there is every reason, some not even known to man, of why I should like you. If I didn’t believe human beings where perfect, I would call you perfect. But in my separate book, you are beyond perfect…’”

The author's comments:
This Story Is Something Im Working On To Maybe Turn Into A Book. It Is About True Life Events Of Me, But A Little More Expressed.

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