Don't Mess With My Brother

December 11, 2009
By wilmer quinones BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
wilmer quinones BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
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Wilmer: 8th grader, 15 years old. Wilmer don’t like to play around and when it comes to his little brother Sebastian Wilmer takes every thing series.

Sebastian: Caring and playful 4th grader 10 years old.

Steven: Wilmer’s father. Caring but when he gets mad you don’t want 2 be next to him. Steven is a C.S.I. Crime Sense Investigation. 35 years old.

Carlos: Carlos is a 15 years old boy that was been bully when he was 5-12 years old and now that he is in 8th grade he is a bully him self.

William Smith: William is Carlos’s father. William is an actor36 years old, he stared his career when he moved to New York because other students used to bully Carlos in his old school.

Ms. Barss: Ms. Barss is Carlos and Wilmer’s teacher. Ms. Barss is respectful and caring. 37 years old.

Chris: Chris is the principal of the school. Chris is responsible, respectful and caring. 34 years old. He likes to be calling by his name at school.

(Lights come up on Wilmer. Wilmer enter his last class and sit at the back of the class in his old sit, his favorite spot. A place where no one would bug him.)

Ms. Barss: (In a happy mood) Ok students take out your homework. The class just stared.

(While students are taking their homework Carlos enters the class making noises. M s. Barss look at Carlos in a disappointed look.)

Ms. Barss: Carlos!!! (In a loud voice) take a sit. (To her self) I knew it was to good to be true.

(Ms. Barss colleted the homework from the students.)

Carlos: take it easy (in a serious voice) the world is not going to end cause of a stupid

(Carlos walks to his sit while pushing others student’s sit. Wilmer looks at Carlos while shaking his head.)

Carlos: (In a loud voice) what you looking at punk.

(The teacher begins the class. 85 minutes pass by, the students are dismiss)

(Sebastian is passing by the hallways. Carlos is the first one to exit the classroom and see Sebastian walking. Carlos starts to bug him out. Wilmer exit the classroom and see his little brother been bully by Carlos. Wilmer walk up to Carlos and punch him in his face.)

Wilmer: (with a face that one ever seems, screaming at Carlos) why don’t you pick on one your own sizes jerk.

Carlos: (With his right hand in the part where Wilmer punch him) that’s all you got (pause) you know what I have a date to at ten.

(Wilmer ask his brother if he was ok)

Wilmer: (In a low voice) are you ok?

Sebastian: (In a low voice) yes brother thanks (pause) mm oh yea I almost forgot I have an A on math class.

Wilmer: That’s good now lets go home. (Wilmer smile)


(The next day Wilmer and Sebastian enter the school. Carlos pass by when he see Wilmer and his brother he stars to look for trouble but Chris comes and stop him and send them to their classes.)

Chris: go to your classes.

(Carlos, Wilmer and Sebastian went to their classes. Wilmer looks at Carlos and keep on walking. 85 minutes pass by and Wilmer walk to the bathroom. When Wilmer is about to get out of the bathroom Carlos stop him and push him.)

Carlos: (racing his voice) How about now punk!

(Carlos and Wilmer stared to fight)

Carlos: (trying to be taught) that’s the best you can do your brother is better than that I know cause I bully him the whole year.

Wilmer: (Wilmer gets mad) your asking for it.

(Sebastian enters the bathroom and see Wilmer punching Carlos, Sebastian runs to the principal’s office.)
Sebastian: (exhausted) Wilmer and Carlos are fighting in the bathroom come quick.

Chris: (in a loud voice) ok lets go!!!

(Sebastian and Chris run to the bathroom meanwhile Wilmer stop fighting and stared talking to Carlos.)

Wilmer: (raising his voice) Now listens let me tell you something you mess with my brother one more time I will f (Chris enter the bathroom and raising his voice he says).

Chris: (with a mad voice) ok both of you to the office right now!!! I’m calling your parents.

(They all went to the office. The principal stars to make the phone calls to their parents, 20 minutes later Wilmer and Carlos’s father enter the office and the Chris call them to talk to them 5 minutes later.)

William Smith: (serious.) Carlos go over there and say sorry and we are going home.

Steven: (serious) the same for you.

(Carlos and Wilmer say sorry to one another and shake hands.)

Steven: (In a low voice) ok lets go home.

(Wilmer, Sebastian and his father exit the school the same for Carlos and his father, both families enter to their cars and leaf the school.)


(One week later, Carlos goes up to Wilmer and stared talking.)

Carlos: (in a low vice) I’m sorry that I was a jerk. It was because when I was little they us to pick on me all the time I guess I was trying not to be the one that people would be picking on I’m sorry.

Wilmer: Its ok I understand your father explain to my father.

(Wilmer and Carlos talk to each other for 10 minutes and every time they can, two week later Carlos and Wilmer decided to be best friend ever since Carlos protected Sebastian and trite him like a brother.)

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