My old home

December 10, 2009
By mustang7987 BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
mustang7987 BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Washington D.C was a scary place especially at night. At night my friends and I would love to go Ding Dong ditching because it was so fun. This night especially I will never forget because of what happened. We went to go ring this houses doorbell, but we didn’t expect this to happen when we rang the doorbell. The owner of the house was waiting for kids like us with his shot gun. He opened the door before we could get away and he ordered us to stop or he would shoot. Everyone but my friend Anthony starting running away. As I looked on hoping he would start running and join us I saw the man take Anthony into the house and locked him in his basement. We didn’t know we were going to get him back. We then decided that the only way to get him back was to go to the man's house and get him back. We knew that we would need weapons so we broke into the armory inside the military base that was near by the man's house. After we strapped up with all the weapons we could handle we headed back to the man's house. We broke his door down, but we did not expect to see this. Anthony was playing cards with the man. The man was his uncle and he decided to play a prank on us. That it is why I will never forget that night.

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