62 Days (Part Three)

December 10, 2009
By CrimsonMortality SILVER, LaVergne, Tennessee
CrimsonMortality SILVER, LaVergne, Tennessee
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"In order to love somebody you must learn to love yourself."

Chapter Four

I stood in an abyssive darkness. Nothing stood before me except a giant glass wall. It held my reflection. I placed my hand onto the glass. The image infront of me followed in pursuit. Once our hands collidied I was forced through the mirror. I was now face-to-face with an enigma. It held a terrifying and sadistic smile. Its teeth were rotted. Its face was decaying. Some parts of its arms were torn to the bone. Blood was trailing down its arm. It cocked its head to the side. "You.."

I stumbled back. I came in contact with the glass wall. My eyes widened. I immediately turned to face it and started to bang on it. My screams fell upon deaf ears. I turned around. My heart felt as if it stopped for a second. Its face was only centimeters from my own. Its eyes were gone. The only thing that filled the eyes were darkness. Blood rolled out of the sockets and down its cheeks. "Killed...." I tried to push it out of the way. My hands fell through his body. I pulled them out. A heart was now held in my palm.

"Me..." I screamed again. Everything was becoming distorted and formed into an unknown room. It was the hospital. I looked over to the right. I was sitting in the blue chair. I was looking at myself look at the hospital bed in despair. The male in the bed was covered in bandages. The bed was pure white except for the metal that held the bed together. The TV was off. Only the blank walls held color. The blinds to the window to the left were closed. I saw the body jerk and convulse. An annoying sound pulsated from the machine that kept him alive. I watched it slowly lift itself up after a moment of silence. The bandages fell off and the meat, his flesh that had been burned off, now looked at me emotionlessly. It only said one word. "Die."

I jerked up out of my body. "Brother!" Silence filled the room. My hand was reached out. I realized what I had been doing and lowered my arm. I looked down and glanced at my hand. I clenched the digits tightly and put it to the left side of my chest. I lowered my head and cried. My body jerked every few seconds. It had been three weeks. I visited the girl daily. My ex-friend now looked at me with a distasteful look. I disliked it. Twenty eight days was how long it had been since I met her.

I looked up to see my mother. Her brown hair trailed down her shoulders and down her spine. She shook her head softly. "You're staying home today." I looked down. I closed my eyes tightly. I heard the door close. I was pitiful. How disgusting.... I got dressed and headed out of the door. I visited Vi every day. I surely wouldn't break that record today. I had forgotten to brush my teeth, but I had a pack of gum in my pocket. That would make up for it, I suppose. My mother didn't really care where I went when I missed school as long I was safe. I was lucky to have a mother like her.

I came to a stop light for walking. Several people were behind me. Some gave me odd looks. I assumed it was because I was skipping school today. That didn't bother me. It would only bother me if a cop were to spot me and question me. I chuckled at a thought. I wouldn't let that thought be known, though.

It had only taken ten minutes for my day to become even more horrible than it had been. In a corner, I saw my friend. It had been so long since I had mentioned his name. It was Kie. I had forgotten to mention that to myself several times in my previous encounters with him. His black hair trailed to his broad shoulders. He was wearing a black shirt today. That was odd because it was June. Black, the absence of all colors, attracts heat.. He looked at me. "You ain't getting any." That's right.. I looked down to his index and middle fingers. A cigarette was placed between them. The smoke trailed from it. It almost illuminated his face. "I don't want any." It's true, I smoked, but with the business I have had to deal with lately, I didn't have time to even waste time on one. It's not like I needed it, anyway.

He walked up to me. His eyes looked down at me. That's right.. He was taller than me. He pushed me with one hand. I stumbled back, but I held my ground. "Now's not the time.." He shoved my again. I gave the same response. This time, when he pushed, I placed my hand on his stomach, used my other hand on the calve of his leg, and threw him on to his back. He hadn't been expecting it. I never fought in public, nor in school, so he never really knew I could fight. I stood up. He was dumbfounded. I knew fully well he would give me a run for my money if I stood around too long while he looked dumbfounded. I ran after that.

The thoughts of that previous moment filled my head. I regretted doing that. I didn't want to. I didn't need to. I could have just turned the other way and head back home. I absolutely hated violence. It wasn't neccessary. And here I was about to fight him.. I'm such a hypocrite.. I hated myself.

I came to the hospital. The sun was burning into the back of my neck. It felt good, yet uncomfortable, at the same time. I walked in. A gust of wind overcame my face. I hated that thing with a passion.. If I could, I'd tear it to little pieces. That didn't matter, though. I walked into an elevator, went up it, and walked out once I reached the proper floor that I desired to be in. It was the same room. Nothing had changed.

I noticed Vi. She looked at me. She looked sick. Not the strep-throat type of sick, but the vomiting type. It looked as if she were going to puke all over the floor. She only said one word. "Headache." How could a headache make somebody this sick? I thought that was impossible. But here she was, looking as ill as I thought nobody could ever be. I took a seat. I wasn't leaving. I had grown stubborn for some reason. Was she this attached to me? Most likely.

"How're you feeling?" She looked at me. That was an extremely dumb queston. I already knew how she felt. It was quiet. I had started to remember the dream I had. It made me withdraw an wither away from my own self-love. It made me sick. I no longer wanted to be in the room. I had only been in the room for only but a few minutes. I stood up, looked at her, and walked off. She didn't question me. She did have a downcasting look, though. It made me feel like crap...

From that point on, I knew fully well I could now only rely on myself..

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