62 Days (Part One)

December 10, 2009
By CrimsonMortality SILVER, LaVergne, Tennessee
CrimsonMortality SILVER, LaVergne, Tennessee
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"In order to love somebody you must learn to love yourself."

Part I Half I - Just Open Your Eyes

I clicked my cell phone off. It had a small sound emanate from the device but it soon faded into nothingness. A corpse laid a rest in a coffin. I couldn't bare to look inside of it. The sight was one that turned my insides, but I forced myself to stand up and walk towards it. Every friend needed their respects, right? A white rose was held by a clenched fist. My fist. I looked at it. It was shaking due to my body's movements. A tear shedded from my eyes. I placed the rose on the coffin. My hair seemed to cover my eyes in the fashion that it looked as if I were in despair.

The body was pale. A black coat was fashioned nicely on the body and its white clothes were started to become soaked in a small amount with my tears. Its dead, azure, eyes would no longer be seen with the look of passion, anger, and even envy.. Pale digits intertwined with another. The long, black hair was placed in a position that it showed the entire face. The face's jawlines were clenched tightly. It was just like his death.

I heard the preacher talk about the deeds in life my friend had accomplished. It only made things worse. I hated religion. That was the sole reason it made things worse. He, my friend, and I were atheists. I could remember the words that escaped his lips fluentually just a week before his untimely death.

"If I were to die soon, please don't let them let me buried in a casket.. Don't let them treat me as a Christian.."

I couldn't do it.. His last wish.. I hadn't accomplished it. I closed my eyes tightly. Tears rolled down my own pale cheeks slowly. I wish I could just murder every single person in this room.. That wouldn't be what he would want though so I held my tongue and pocketed my hands. The people within the outdoors closed the casket and lowered it into the ground before burying the coffin. They look so calm and pleasant.. It was like it didn't even matter if he had died.. They weren't true religious people at all..


I walked out of the area. I couldn't stand those.. those imbeciles. My feet slowly came to a rapid sprint. Where was I headed to? I don't know. Everything was so confusing. Why must people die? Why must there be so many retards in this world? I'll never know..

My feet came to a complete halt. The hospital.. This is where he passed away. I walked towards the large, glass doors that slid open with a creek of sorts. A gust of wind came to my face, brushing against my cheeks. I didn't blink. Even the smallest things could no longer phase me. I walked to the elevators by making a swift turn to the left. Who cares if I needed a pass? I could get in trouble, though... Oh well. I pressed the button to a floor.

Once the elevator came to a stop and opened I walked out. The walls were decorated with several pictures and paintings. Outside of the pictures and paintings though was the blank wall paper. They held no designs. The tiles on the floor held no designs. It was such a generic hospital..

I walked through several doors and signs. I stopped once I reached the room that he used to stay in. I walked in. A young girl, around my age, would lay in the bed that use to belong to him. Her blue eyes seemed to be focused on the TV. Her brown hair came down to her shoulders. She was skinny, but not too skinny. I muttered something along the lines of stupid people and turned. Just as I turned she spoke.

"Who're you?" He voice was soft. It sent shivers up my spine. I didn't turn back to her though. I rotated my shoulders and clenched and unclenched my fists. It took me more than a minute to form my reply. "No one." It was a rude response, yes, but if that's what it took to get her off my back I wouldn't mind.

"That's no fun.. You have to at least be somebody." My eyes widened. I slowly turned to her. She had a pleasant smile plastered onto her face. Disgusting.. Just the mere thought of cheery people made me nauseous. I hated this. I hated everything at this point.

"I'm a Nobody... But just to shut you up.. I'm nicknamed Cross.." She arched an eyebrow and then she rolled her eyes. "I didn't ask for your name.. I just said you have to be a Somebody." Is she retarded? She just said 'Who're you?'... I'll play her way, though. "Whatever.. What ever floats your boat." She pointed directly at a chair next to her. "Sit."

I tried to form a response but I couldn't so I complied with her demand. It was silent for a while. The clock ticked in unision with the TV's sound. I decided to break the silence. "Don't you have any visitors?"


"What about your parents?"

"I'm an orphan. I have no parents." Ouch. Low blow. I shouldn't have asked. I let a sigh escape my lips. "How about you? Don't you have any visitors?" I said nothing for a while. "I was just here for memories." She didn't even hesitate to ask the next question. "What memories?" I winced. She didn't notice. "My friend died in this room." She flinched but said nothing. Maybe I was being too blunt.. "Oh."

"So what're you in here for..?" I noticed several piles of paper laid next to her on a desk. She said nothing for a while. She was probably fiddling with her sheets. She did that every so often. It seemed to only happen when she looked nervous. "I have a rare disease." I thought for a moment. "What disease?" She was quiet for a while again before her soft, angelic voice spoke again. "Hirschsprung's." I arched an eyebrow. She seemed to understand. "It's an enlargement of the colon. It is caused by bowel obstruction. It results from an aganglionic section of the bowel. It starts from the butt and progresses up." I knew what that meant. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. She was dieing from a disease. Since she's an orphan she couldn't possibly have the proper amount of money needed to process the transplant.. even then the chances of another bowel of the same blood type surfacing were rare. Incredibly rare.

Silence again... "How'd your friend die?" I looked at her. She was so innocent.. "He got into a car crash. He was just fine for a few months until his wounds started to get infected.. The infected wounds resulted in his death." She got quiet again. "What's your name?" She looked at me. "They call me 'Vi'." Vi, huh? That's an interesting name.. I shrugged my shoulders. Perhaps things were going to become interesting..

Little did I know I had a spectator.

The author's comments:
This article is about something that has happened to several people in my life, including myself. It's about losing something and trying to find the courage to stand back up on your own two feet by yourself.(I accidently screwed up while submitting the first time, forgive me.)

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