Forever...(Chapter 1)

December 10, 2009
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"Mac!" My mother called. "Let's go, we're going to miss the plane if you don't hurry," She sighed. "Goodness. I do not know where I got you from."
She was making fun of me because I was four times slower than her. I couldn't help that she was like the faster version of Jesse Owens.
"I'm coming, Mom. Cool it." I answered her back in a sarastic tone. We always loved to mess with each other.
My mother's name is Ariel, which I call her without telling her. She is very old fashioned.
We were leaving our lavish manor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (I called it our big sandwhich town. I don't know why, I just do.); and are moving to a little place in Washington D.C.
We didn't need so much room since my father died. He left us im a train accident. Every night before I went to bed, I hear Ariel crying. I knew that she was thinking of him. The accident was only eight months ago, so i got pretty banged up also. It was on my sixteenth birthday.
I actually have one of the hardest stories to tell. I heard my father die. He was wishing me a happy birthday and there was a loud bang. The phone went dead and that was that last time I ever heard from him.
Oh right, I forgot. My name is Mackenzie Reynolds, Mac for short. And I might just like Washington D.C.
I think.

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_Elsy_ said...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 10:13 pm
great beginning, i think if you add more emotion and some details this story could be beyond great. can you please check out some of my stuff?
BleedingRose said...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 10:47 am
I liked the prolouge and this is very good too! Please keep writing. :)
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