The Lone Soldier

December 10, 2009
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Once upon a time in the small town of metro-metropolis, there was a young boy named Mike. Mike wasn’t your normal everyday type of kid you meet on the street he was short in stature, but tall in his mind. His back was as twisted as a vine, but in his mind it was as straight as a line. Mike went to school like a normal boy would but at school his life was horrible. Mike went to every single last one of his classes and hasn’t missed a day since K-3. Mike went to school and was teased, bullied, and humiliated because of his odd body shape. Mike never realized that when he was teased the other kids laughed at him not with him. The next day Mike went to school he was in his classroom and over the school intercom it was announced that his dad and his mom had been killed in a serious car accident because of a drunk driver. Mike was horrified when Mike went to the principal’s office to see if this had actually happened the principle confirmed this and called Mikes aunt to pick him up from school. Mikes aunt arrived a few minutes later in tears. She explained everything that happened through short sobs and tears of pure anguish. “Mike’s Mother and Father were driving out of town for the week and were on their way to New York City for business purposes but when they met their half way mark this morning they were pinned in a T-Bone crash that pinned them both. Paramedics tried their hardest to get them out of the crumbled car but they couldn’t , but through their efforts the cars damage and the constant motion of the car from the paramedics actions caused the car too grind the ground and caused sparks which ignited the cars gas tank and they were killed. Mike couldn’t comprehend what he was just told by a family member he really loved, he realized that he was an orphan upon this realization he started crying, the type of cry a baby makes when it craves its mothers touch but Mike no longer had a mother so he didn’t have the comfort he needed. It has been a week since his parents funeral Mike has changed so much since his parents passing, before the accident he was full of life and happy, he didn’t care what others said about him or compared him too. But now he cant stand school he cant stand the people who mock him, tease him, and harass him. Mike has been changed from a little happy boy to a Depressed young man. Mike lives with his aunt and uncle now and they adore him just as his mother and father did but Mike still had trouble loving anyone because of the bond he shared with his parents, he finds it difficult to show his emotions for fear of what would happen to the next person he loved.

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