When a Happy Life Took a Turn

December 10, 2009
By , newburgh, IN
Lindsey Davis, tired and strung out from a long week, walks into Eventfull Planning on a Friday morning. Just another day at work. When she arrives in her office, she notices little pieces of papers on her desk, messages from her boss. I hope everything is okay. The note read, “Come talk to me during lunch please! Thanks, Alison.” Lindsey begins to nearly panic. What did I do wrong? After working all morning, it was time for lunch; the meeting that she was dreading. As Lindsey walks in, she is greeted by her boss, Alison, and a few members from the corporate office. Many thoughts race through her head. Oh no, I’m gonna lose my job. What am I doing here?
Sitting down at the conference table they began to talk, “Lindsey, we want to express our appreciation for everything you have done for Eventfull Planning. We have some exciting news for you…”
What is it?! Lindsey begins to smile and get butterflies, “and the news is…?”
“You have been promoted to head of Eventfull Planning. Alison will be moving to Los Angeles to manage the new branch there.”
Smiling, Lindsey is breathless, and ecstatic. “Thank you so much, you won’t regret this choice.” While walking back to her office, she is all smiles. She cannot wait for that special time to tell her husband, Scott, and family.

Seven years ago her husband, Scott Davis, met Lindsey at a meeting Eventfull Planning had organized. Once they saw each other they knew they felt a spark. They hit it off right away, and a year after the met, Scott Davis and Lindsey Henn said their vows in front of family and friends.
After Lindsey left work on the joyful day, she was looking forward to telling her husband about her big news. How should I tell him? Wow I cannot believe this happened!! Now this makes two big things to tell him. No one knows that I’m expecting a new one on the way. The next night they were on their way to Scott’s parent’s house for a cook out. Many thoughts rush through her head. I hope everything goes okay. I don’t want it to be like last 4th of July celebration, when I got in a fight with Scott’s parents, Jan and Alan. Why do they hate me so much? I never did anything to them. Maybe they don’t think I’m good enough for their son. Be strong Lindsey! I just hope this occasion goes well for the kids, they deserve good family time, considering we don’t get to see this family much. Oh yay!! There’s Scott’s brother, Dan, and fiancée, Elisa, walking into the house. Being around them always creates a calmer atmosphere. I don’t wanna get out of the car but I guess I have to… I still get extremely nervous around his family. Oh no, here comes Jan. Wait, what is this? A hug? I guess we are friends now. Maybe she doesn’t remember our little quarrel last time. Yes! It’s going to be a good evening!
As Lindsey walked out onto the deck, she sees the calming sunset and feels the breeze of cool air on her face. The trees sway in the wind, the branches wrestle together, and leaves slowly fall off onto the ground. The smell of freshly cut grass and sound of the crickets and people chatting all around puts her in a more relaxed state of mind. In the distance, you can still see and hear the kids playing and splashing in the water. Fun never ends for the young ones. As family and friends inch their way towards the food table Lindsey’s stomach starts to toss and turn. Oh no people are walking towards the food table. Will they eat my salad? Will they like it? I have to meet extremely high standards with this family. It is a different type of salad. Maybe they aren’t into that kind of salad. I need to stop panicking and calm down, I’m making to big of a deal about this.

As she looks at all the food she thinks to herself, “Now I need to be very cautious about what I eat. I should eat healthier.”
Everyone was beginning to finish up dinner when the air starts to become very chilly and cold. Dan, Scott’s brother, starts a bonfire to liven and heat up the atmosphere! Someone grabs a guitar and begins to play songs everyone knows. Many people join in and start dancing; people always find a way to fill up the small porch.
Lindsey calls over Laura, and Maxx is not too far behind her. “Hey guys, you having fun?”
“Yea!!” The kids reply.
Lindsey continues, “I have a secret, I want you to tell Daddy. You wanna know what it is?”
“Tell us! Tell us!” Maxx and Laura begin chanting.
“Okay. Mommie got a new job this morning, she got promoted,” Lindsey began. “Also you know what? You guys are gonna have a little baby sister or brother.”
Maxx and Laura’s eyes become big with excitement, and they begin to laugh.
“Can you do me a favor and go tell Daddy about the big news?” Lindsey looks up to see Scott looking out onto the lake, he looks a little confused and upset. She watches as the two kids scamper off to tell their Dad about having a little baby. When they reach Scott a smile creeps across his face and the children begin to jump up and down. Scott is putting on an act for the kids, and Lindsey notices; something is wrong. Soon after that Lindsey begins to not feel well and sees if Scott is ready to go. Scott says he is beginning to feel tired also, so the Davis family packs up, says their good-byes, and heads home. The trip home is a quiet one; the kids are drifting off into a deep sleep after an eventful day with their cousins. I expected a little more of reaction from him. I wonder what is wrong? Did I do something?
“Scott is everything okay?”
Scott replies, “Lindsey we need to talk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about about the little one on the way but…”
“But what!?” she interrupts.
“Lindsey I can’t do this anymore.”
“You can’t do what Scott?”
Lindsey’s heart drops to her stomach. She is stunned and confused. What did I do? How can he do this to me with a baby on the way? I guess I was stupid to get ahead of myself and think everything was gonna be okay. This will affect the kids so much, their lives will never be the same. My world is going to crash down. I can’t be alone! This is my entire fault, I’m a horrible parent!
“Are you saying you want a divorce?” She blurts out.
“Lindsey, I don’t mean to hurt you but I think it’s best. I just don’t feel that way I used to. Don’t get me wrong I’m so happy for you and your promotion. But with our jobs, I feel like we have drifted apart.” Lindsey sits there speechless. “I’m sorry it had to happen like this. I’ll move out next week. There is an apartment on the north side I can move into for now. We will try to keep the kids’ lives as normal as possible. This is for the best, I promise.” She stares out the window as a tear rolls down her cheek; followed by a flow of tears and sobs.
That whole next week Scott began packing and moving his belongs to North Mill Apartment Complex. “Daddy’s not going to be staying here anymore.” She tries to explain to her innocent children. “You will still get to see him, and you can go over to his house and play on certain days. Everything will be okay, I promise” Lindsey holds them tight and kisses them on the head. The looks on their faces kill her. She feels as if she failed them as a mother.
A year rolled by and the family has become used to the changes. They now have a new family member, Eliza Marie. Laura loves holding her and loves having a younger sister. Lindsey can tell Maxx feels a little lonely without his Dad around, but he finds a way to stay entertained. And for Lindsey, she is enjoying the time with her kids and her newborn. She feels a little empty inside and misses Scott greatly. Lindsey you are a strong person… there is no need to rely on Scott for your happiness. You have three amazing children to keep you busy and happy, what more could you need?
Lindsey became more of an independent women and she realizes all the blessings in her life. She enjoys her new job everyday; her hours are more flexible and she spends most of her time with the kids… except for tonight. Lindsey was invited on a date with someone from work. After a lot of thought, Lindsey accepted.

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