December 8, 2009
Walking… just my guitar and me. With nothing but the sky above me and the sun on my back. Yep that’s me, my names, Palek. I’ve been on the road for about a year now, trying to find a place to settle down. Yea I had a home before, but after my parents got divorced nothings really been permanent. We were always moving around, and after awhile I got tired of it so I left.

Right now I’m on my way to New Orleans, I heard they’re big into music, and music is my life. So it’s the perfect place right? Well we’ll see.
I looked behind me; there was a huge stretch of road with a few cars here and there, but not many. Not the best prospects for hitch hiking. There will probably be more when I get closer to New Orleans. But with as few of cars there is on the road right now, getting there quick doesn’t seem too promising.
A Ford Explorer, Honda Accord, and Chevy Malibu all passed me without slowing down, nice people. And so I walked, I got about five miles in about two hours, so not too bad.
I looked behind me again and saw two cars coming up so I stuck my thumb out. The first one just kept right on going, but the second, a Mazda 6, stopped. Finally. I opened the door, put my guitar in the back, and hopped in. the driver was a male that looked to be in his early twenties. Why can’t it ever be a car full of girls that stop? Heck I’d settle for one! But no it always has to be a guy.
“Where you headed?” The driver asked. This is also something that always happens, you get in, the guy who is driving the car asks you where “your headed,” you tell him, and it ends up being in the opposite direction than where he is going. So he drives you to the next town and you get out and walk the rest of the way. Great processes, no really, I LOVE it.
“I’m going to New Orleans, trying to find a job.” I sighed dreading to hear where he was going.
He laughed, “You don’t say, I live there, I’m headed back from a trip to see my family.” This guy is one in a million. “ What kind of work do you do? He looked in the back seat, “You a musician?”
“No it’s my suit case” I laughed “Yea I play around a little bit.” He looked at me. “Do you sing?”
“Yea why?”
“I’m in a band and we just lost our singer. His dad died a while ago, so he moved back to be closer to his mom.”
“That sucks”
“Yea it does… Sing something.”
“Right now?” I asked

“Umm, Ok. ‘Seven thirty five, She’s someone else’s wife, and I can get on with my life. And that thrills me. She married him toady. Her daddy gave bride away. I saw a tear fall from her face, and that kills me. And now I can see why, she’s finally crying. How was I supposed to know, she was slowly letting go. I was putting her through hell, well I couldn’t tell. She could’ve giving me a sign, could’ve opened up my eyes. How was I supposed to see? She never cried in front of me’.”

“You’re pretty good, tell you what. I’ll give you a place to stay and a job if you’ll sing for us.”

“What kind of work is it?”

“I own a recording studio”

“All right then, I’ll sing for you.”

“By the way, what’s you name?” He asked


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