Notes To Burn

December 7, 2009
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"You're so lying to me." I walked away from Sam and she caught up to me.
"I'm so not. I saw Chad kissing Adrian in the parking lot, I swear." She looked at me with the most sincerity I'd ever seen on her face. "Bri, I'm your friend. Would I lie to you? Never mind, don't answer that."
I laughed and said, "I'm going to talk to him, I'll be right back."
As I walked down the hallway, I looked at everyone. I categorized them into three groups: geeks, populars, and norms (normals).
Geek, pop, pop, norm....MINE! I saw the back of Chad's head near his locker. What I didn't see was the blonde haired, blue-eyed, two-faced snobby pop he was making out with.
"Love you...Adrian...". He was murmuring into her mouth as I got closer. She mumbled something I didn't catch back, and continued running her tan hands through his curly black hair. Hey, I was supposed to be doing that!
"Um, Chad?" He didn't hear me, so I talked a little louder. "Chad!"
Actually, I screamed it. It sounded more like, "CHAD!!!!!!"
Let me tell you, he heard me then. He jumped around like he had been shocked. Chad turned around to see who spoke. He saw me, his blue eyes wide with remorse.
"Bri, I...I'm sorry! She attacked me and I didn't know what was coming! What was I supposed to do-" I cut him off. "Well, maybe you could have said, 'I have a girlfriend!' and pushed her off?"
I probably looked like a freak, my tears running down my face, my mascara running and my voice getting unnaturally high. People were crowding around us, watching to see what we would do.
"I knew this was gonna happen sometime... I was never good enough for you, was I? You were just stringing me along till someone better came along. And I guess you found each other. Hope you're happy together."
"The thing that sucked about falling for you, is that I knew you would dump me flat on my butt. And honestly? I regret that last year we spent together. Because I was always worrying you would dump me, and I never enjoyed the relationship. So, I'm done here. And with you. Bye, Chad."
Everyone clapped and patted me on the back as I pushed my way out of the surrounding masses. A pop even came up to me, a norm, and said, "He needed someone to pop his turkey sized ego sometime. Looks like you were that someone."
I kept walking even after I heard "Brianna!" Chad. I kept walking, holding my head high and strutted, proud as a peacock. I had stood my ground, and didn't take anything from Chad.
I had always let Chad make the decisions in our relationship. "We are going to a party at Adrian's." "You and me, to the movies with Adrian and Tom." "Adrian's coming over to hang out with us!"
Come to think of it, everything we did had to do with Adrian. I was too blinded by love to notice anything. Idiot.
School was over, and I had something to do. I sprinted home and ran upstairs. Dad was in China and Mom was in Greece. They were travel agents for rival companies. Go figure.
I tore all the notes, cards, Valentines, and pictures that Chad had ever given me out of every place I could think of. I dropped them all in the bathtub, all the colors and designs piling up. It looked oddly like a circular, grotesque rainbow.
It looked like I would have to do a few loads. I grabbed all the matches I could find and dropped them in the bathroom on the toilet.
Before I burned anything, I grabbed a wet towel,rung it out, and tacked it to the ceiling over the smoke detector. Don't want any alarms going off.
I pushed up my sleeves and went to work.

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