Once More Moment

November 26, 2009
Gasping for air, I feel the pain in my heart grow even more. As I let the water fill my lungs, every second, hopeless, deep emotion takes over my body. The drastic tides hit me like rocks, making my soon- to – be corpse fall deep under miles of ocean. The carelessness of my mind makes it so I feel nothing. Once my soul begins to abandon my cold, sorrowful body, I undergo an emotion that has never, not once, crossed my depressing path. Regret. As a few seconds of breathless thinking go by, regret continues to haunt me. My heart slowing down even more. My eyes pop open, salt water rushes to fill them, leaving a burning sensation with me. I rapidly kick my limp legs, trying to get to the surface, not knowing how deep I far I have gone. A sharp pain travels up and down my desperate veins time and time again. My mind goes blank. The last beat of my heart comes to a sudden stop. Two miles under the grave pool of deep blue lies m. The choice I made was final. If only there was one more moment to spare. One more second to realize my selfishness. It was too late… I was gone… forever.

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