November 24, 2009
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Noone truely understands teenagers, I mean how can you? Our minds are so complicated, it shouldn't ever be understood.
We cry, lie, cheat,steal, smoke, drink,and some of us kill ourselves because we can't handle our own lifes. There's this little voice,
and if you're a teenager, you should know this voice. You've heard this voice when you gently cut your scarred wrist. You heard it when you and the boy you thought you loved were having sex, and in the morning he texts you and tells the condom broke and the relationship was over.
You heard the voice when you were throwing up the food your grandmother made, just so you could look like the "popular" girls.
The voice tells you over and over to keep going. Our minds try to fight, but our bodies keep our addictions. We scream every night in the mirror. We see our true ugliness.
Don't you want to laugh when your parents, teachers, or friends stop you and they say "We want to help"? Well don't you? noone can understand what you feel inside, because that's only your feelings.
Life's a b****, wouldn't you agree?
Quit, is that the word you want to read on here?
You want me to tell you to quit? You want a hero, a god to look up to? Well, Then you're reading the wrong article on Teenink. I've been in that situation, and I got sick of reading "quit this, quit that".

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