Television in the American Household

November 24, 2009
By BenWar GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
BenWar GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Just in, research shows TV can cause severe mental problems and TV-eye-so-glimia. This case is caused by various types of programming on the air. Some of these programs have lead people to be zealous about various shows. How can anyone help these problems of TV-eye-so-glimia…?
By the age of 18, one will be inundated with violent acts shown on TV. “This creates many mental problems with the youth of America,” said Donald Rich, a leader in breakthrough research on the subject. “With competition brewing between countries like China and Japan with intelligence in youth, kids need to not be fruitless and hit the books,” said Donald. Kids who watch more than ten hours of TV per week are phlegmatic about other activities like sports.
Television is not the only cause of TV-eye-so-glimia. Parents are poignant or shocked about the amount of junk food ads in children programming. A recent study showed an average of 200 junk food ads aired in just four hours of cartoon programs on Saturday.
What is being done with this problem? The American Psychiatric Association wants a comprehensive health program with children showing the various symptoms of this detrimental disorder. An idea of a future National TV-Turnoff Week has been passed through congress and will be off for the presidential signature. Many in the association are sanguine about ads promoting limits on length for watching television.
Help stop TV-eye-so-glimia! Kids should not be pressured by coerce ads with junk food!

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