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November 24, 2009
By DWP12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
DWP12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I have been living in the Hitachi tribe for twenty two years. Our people have been scrutinized and thought badly of. We are a proud people and love our lives. We are more astute than the average human. Growing up, I looked up to my father Cayuwwu and my brother Ollwmuy. They are both hard working and advocate situations they don’t approve of in our tribe. They rarely loath decisions made by our tribe, but they have their opinions and will solicit when necessary. I also look up to my best friend Hehwahya, who has supported me and has never given me the ineffectual effort a friend shouldn’t have. Others in the tribe are nefarious and awful. They use every ounce of their strength to make your lives terrible. They throw poop at us, give us swirlies in the mud toilets, and the nastiest wedgies a human could possibly conjure up. Their vexatious attitudes are inhumane and not tolerable, so we throw them out of our village. Doing so usually sparks a civil war, which is an easy situation to fix because we have no weapons to fight with. My mother, Sally, has also played a role in my life because she is my brothers mom, my best friends mom, my cousins wife, my aunts aunt, my uncles lover, my fathers wife, my sisters long lost twin, and my cousin. She has many responsibilities that support her on every day.
We are all amicable people. We do what we can to make our lifestyle cleaner and happier. We don’t believe in maladies that are ridden in other parts of the world. We fix our problems as a tribe and we work as a tribe. Children are the most important. They hold the key to our future and we must take care of them. Other tribes praise us because of the strong effort that we put aside for others. The people that influence me to live my life to the fullest are the ones that treat me the way I would treat them. The love and respect I have for all my fellow tribe members is the strongest will power a human has.

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