Pacifiers on the Run

November 24, 2009
By afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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There’s gang of culprits on the loose. Their crime, stealing pacifiers from children. This crime seems to be inane, yet still occurring day after day. The Hartland police are receiving hundreds of calls complaining about the ethics of theses culprits. Some of theses callers have even sounded under duress. The streets are filled with flagrant wailing children, not being stopped because of the missing pacifiers.

Members of this gang concur to the stealing of the pacifiers. They claim the wailing cry of the children is music to their ears. The parents are inexorable to liking this sound. The whereabouts for all these pacifiers is still clandestine, but detectives (some being small children and dogs) are on the hunt. The rate at which pacifiers are being stolen is rampant.
We talkied to Holly Johnson, a local mother; this is what she had to say about this crime. “My son, Johnny Johnson, had the pacifier in his mouth! I looked away for what seemed like a second, when I looked back it was gone! I am not the only parents this has happened to, let me tell you that. I have had girl friends that have had up to 10 pacifiers stolen from them! What are these creeps doing with the pacifiers anyways? I admonish other parents to watch their pacifiers at all times, theses culprits are sneaky and will strike without notice.”
The leader of the “pacifier gang” has not yet been found, but the hunt will not cease until peace has been made. Until then, you may want to consider wearing ear plugs when leaving your house. The piercing wails can be heard for miles. If you see any hidden pacifiers, or any being stolen, call the police immediately. This is a crime that must be stopped.

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