"I love you Daddy."

November 23, 2009
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Arthur was a young, sickly child and quite small for his age. He has a deep pair of brown eyes that has a mysterious look on them. Numerous times he would be rushed to the hospital due to frequent untimely fainting attacks and this is the main reason why he had to stop his education right away. Even worse, his mother died shortly after delivery. He lived with his father, James, in an old house which the latter bought when they moved in Florida. At an early age of 8, he was much more aware of his situation that what his father thought of him. Oftentimes, his father would see him looking into some far place and seems to be lost in deep thoughts. One more thing that his father noticed was his son wanted to be alone most of the times. Rarely did Arthur go out of the house and when he does, he would just take a walk in the park.
James was obviously worried about his son's behavior because he then finally decided to talk to Arthur. He knocked softly at the door of his son's room.Just after the first knock, the door opened a little, showing a small part of the room.
"Dad?" Arthur's little voice asked.
"Can I talk to you son?"
Arthur did not reply but beckoned his father to enter.
"I noticed you had changed a lot lately. If you wish, I could introduce you to the other children in the neighborhood. Or I can buy you some toys or books. . ."
"No dad, the other children are too noisy and I don't see what purpose will those toys serve me. But I guess the books will do," Arthur interrupted.
"oh. ok," James mumbled, quite crestfallen. An awkward silence arose but it was broken first by Arthur.
" Dad what disease do I have anyway?" he asked almost soundlessly.
"It's Cancer dear but I'm pretty sure the doctors will do everything to cure you." James replied, quite alarmed. He decided to change the topic.
" So what book do you want?"
"Anything dad. Dad? If ypou don't mind, I would appreciate it if you'd let me rest, "Arthur whispered softly.
James nodded, kissed his son's pale forehead and went out of the room. But as he closed the door, he was pretty sure he heard a sob.
A few days after, Arthur's situation became worse that he had to be confined in the hospital. James restrained his tears as he was ushered in his son's room where Arthur was lying wide awake.
He sat at the bedside.
"Dad, am I going to die?" asked Arthur tearfully. James wasn't surprised by the question since he knew his son's nature. But instead of answering, he shot back a question.
"Why son, are you afraid to die?"
"Not if God is like you dad."
Arthur turned his back on his father. "I love you daddy. Please be happy for me when I'm gone. At least I'll be with mom. She'll take good care of me."

And after all James' efforts of restraining his tears, it flowed nonstop, wetting up his son's grave and watering the grasses that grew around it.
and to nobody in particular, he hummed his son's lullaby and whispered, "I love you too sonn. You know I do."

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