The Truth

November 23, 2009
By Alexandra Ruiz BRONZE, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Alexandra Ruiz BRONZE, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
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Manuel: 24 years old, nice, jealous.
Pedro: 26 years old, nice, alcoholic
Sasha: 21 years old, nice
Martha: 22 years old, nice, jealous
People from town: (will attend the marriage)
Father: (Pedro's father), strict but a good father.
Mother 1: (Pedro's mother), caring.
Jose: (Pedro's brother), father of the church.
Mother 2: (Sasha's mother), orgullosa, a heart made out rock, don't care of Sasha

Scene 1

Lights come up in church where the people from town are sitting down, FATHER and MOTHER 1 are sitting next to each other in front of everyone, next to JOSE, the father of the church who is looking at Sasha and her fiancé, Pedro. MARTHA is standing in the left middle corner on the stage looking at Sasha, and MANUEL is standing in the right middle corner of the stage looking at Pedro.

Jose: ... and I declare you husband and wife, what the man couldn't separate would not separate now, brother, Pedro you may kiss your wife.

Father: Son, I am very proud of you, right now I feel like the luckiest father on earth, but you now what would make me the happiest father on the planet?

Pedro: I would love to hear the answer, father because you know that all I want for you, my parents is happiness (smiles)

Father: (praudly) a lot of grandsons and granddaughters.
(Sasha, Pedro, Martha and Manuel don’t look happy.)

Father: Here is the story: I could only have 2 children, Jose and Pedro, I was hoping to have thousands of grandchildren, Unfortunately, one of them decided to take god's side (looks at Father Jose and people from town laughs.)... but now that my other son marries I have big hopes of having my dozens of grandchildren (looks at the couple proudly). But what are we waiting for? let's celebrate!

Mother 1: (stands up) Son, congratulations, I love you so much, Sasha, I hope you make him very happy, same to you, son... oh we have a present for you, here these are the keys of your new nest of love.

Scene 2

Lights come up on the couple, which is walking around the garden.

Sasha: Your father seems to be happy, proud of you and very anxious to have grandchildren, but you know well that that can't happen.

Pedro: yes, it is a big problem.

Sasha: it is your entire fault.

Pedro: how are you going to tell me that it is my entire fault?
Sasha: I've told you a hundred times as a friend that you should tell your parents THE TRUTH!
Pedro: ooh, yeahh... but you know that I can't, I don't have the valor of facing my father to tell him that... and you can't say anything either because it was your idea to get marriage so our parents couldn't figure out.

Sasha: I know. We've been friends since EVER.
Pedro: yeah and I am very glad that you have been always there to help me out.

Scene 3

Next day in the morning, Sasha and Pedro are eating breakfast in the table of the kitchen.

Sasha: so, when are you telling your father the truth? (Starts drinking juice)

Pedro: you know I really think we should fulfill the orders of my father.

Sasha: (put down the cup of juice. and mad says) what? Are you crazy? you know very well we can't have children, Pedro we are homosexual, we are GAY.

Pedro: I know but I don't want my father to be disappointed.

Sasha: oooh so you are telling me that we are going to have a kid only because your father says so? where is the love there?, you better tell your father that we are homosexuals fast.

(Sasha goes upstairs and Pedro goes to the living room, turns on the TV and starts drinking)
(15 minutes later...)

(Sasha comes from upstairs and sees him all drunk sitting in the couch with 2 empty bottles in the floor, one empty bottle on the table where the drinks are next to the couch Pedro is sitting on and a cup fill half with alcohol.)

Sasha: What, you are drinking again? (Runs to him and take the cup from his hands) I’ve told you a million times to don't drink, is not good for you.

(Sasha sits next to him, next to the table with the drinks.)

Sasha: look (pause) I am really sorry about the discussion we had, I guess I was acting like a real wife, but I understand your problem, you just want your father to be proud, every person wants that for their parents doesn't matter the age, you are my best friend and we are into a big problem, we can't work alone.

(Sasha hugs Pedro, Pedro hugs her but different, he doesn't want to let her go, he tries to be on top of her, and she feels uncomfortable, she takes the empty bottle and brake it on his head, Pedro lays on the floor)

Sasha: oh my gosh, what have I done?

(Takes the telephone and calls Manuel and Martha, goes to the kitchen and rich the alcohol and the cotton, starts passing it around his nose, 5 minutes later... Martha and Marcos came and Pedro wakes up.)

Marcos: Oh my gosh, what did you do to him? Look at all those pieces of glasses in the floor, are you ok, my love?
(Marcos helps Pedro to stand up and give him a kiss in the mouth, while Martha speaks to Sasha)

Martha: What did he do to you because I know that you will not respond that way if he didn't do anything to you?

Sasha: Is nothing. (Looks at Pedro) how are you feeling Pedro?

Marcos: how you think he is feeling? After you did this to him.

Martha: don't you dare talk to my girlfriend like that, there might be a reason why she did that, and she doesn't act that way.

Pedro: all I remember is that I was drinking...

Sasha: and then I came to apologize about what happened because I felt bad and you tried to be on top of me and I couldn't do anything else to protect me then taking an empty bottle and break it on your head but I am really sorr...

Marcos: ooh gosh, you really did that to her? (Looks angry and disappointed).

Pedro: (looks at Marcos) I was drunk, I didn't know what I was doing, (turns to look at Sasha) thank you!

(They all get surprised)

Marcos: thank you? That’s what you say to a person who almost kills you with a bottle of glass? Thank you?

Pedro: I earned it, I shouldn't get drunk in the first place and do that to you, I am sorry.

Martha: ooh now you are sorry, after you did what you did you are sorry? Come on upstairs Sasha you are doing your maletas because you are coming to live with me and you Pedro, you better tell your parents the truth because look in the mess you put us in (pause) Sasha, because I love you I am doing this and because I love you I knew this wasn't going to work.

Scene 4

Lights come up on the living room of Pedro's parents house, they are all seating in a table.

Father: so?... tell me did you already planted the seed in order that the apple will born??... jeje in other words (pause) am I having a grandchildren in 9 months?

Pedro: Father, we can't have children?

Father: But why, son, she can't have children or is you the problem?, don't worry I am sure that with this new medicines and stuff we can make a children possible in your lives.

Pedro: No, father, that is not the problem (pause) the problem is that (pause) I am homosexual.

(Father stays quiet...)

Father: (laughs) that was a good one, son.

Pedro: Father, I am not laughing, this is very serious, I am gay.

Father: (happily) son, you can't be gay! (Stands up, his face turns red and he gets angry and starts screaming) you can't be gay because you are my son. (Pull him up by the shirt) you married a woman, how can you be gay?

Pedro: I don't feel nothing for her but sister love and she either because she is homosexual, too and we got marry to hide this big secret, and make you feel proud of us.

(Father gives him a fist and lives. Mother stands up almost crying, very disappointed, she wants to console her son but she lives, sad, living him alone, and sad.)

Scene 5
Lights come up on Pedro's parents living room, Pedro, Pedro's father and Pedro's mother are seating in the table.
Pedro: Be fast, I still don't know why you called me after almost 3 days and told me to come if you don't want to know anything about gay people.
Father: Is not that we don't want to know anything about homosexual people (pause) look son, firstly I shouldn't have done what I did the last time we saw each other here, is that I couldn't imagine that, I was really hoping grandchildren from you because you know how your brother decided to serve god, so I just felt very disappointed, my expectations of having a grandson were very high, if you would tell me before, I wouldn't have suffer like that and act that way and none of these would have happen, I apologize from my heart and I accept you anyways because you are my son and because I love you.
(MOTHER 1 stands up)
Mother 1: Son, I am truly sorry about what happened the other day, my work like a mother should be, never live her son alone when they most need it and I did all the inverse, I was just very disappointed and sad like your father because my expectations of having my granddaughter or grandson in my hands were very high, but it is ok I will and always love you.
Pedro: I love you all, too. Thank you!
(They all stand up, give a hug and the scene ends when Manuel, Sasha and Martha enters the stage, Martha hugs Sasha in the front left corner of the stage, Manuel hugs Pedro in the front right corner of the stage and Mother 1 and Father hug in the back middle of the stage smiling.)

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This article has 8 comments.

keneli09 said...
on Apr. 15 2010 at 11:45 am
alexandra you are awesome you are an example for kids of your age

thecrasinezz said...
on Apr. 15 2010 at 11:41 am
omg you are  good alexa  iam proud of you

on Feb. 3 2010 at 10:16 am
joel jones BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
hello alexandra i really like ur play it was nice good job

on Feb. 3 2010 at 10:15 am
LeeBay09 BRONZE, Jamica Plain, Massachusetts
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
I really liked your play. It was very interesting to read. Your a really good playwritter.

Ms. Paysnick said...
on Jan. 30 2010 at 5:47 pm
Alexandra, I didn't know you were such a talented playwright! I was so impressed by your play! You crafted the story in a way that made it interesting to read from beginning to end. My favorite thing about your play was that your characters all made mistakes but then did the right thing in the end out of love for each other. Congratulations on having your work published! You're amazing!

Ms Star said...
on Jan. 30 2010 at 9:40 am
Alexandra, what a terrific writer you are! i love how the dialogue reflects maturity...the characters treat each other in believable its real! this reflects your maturity, and how your life experiences have given you this maturity and wisdom. great work!

Ms. Barss said...
on Jan. 28 2010 at 9:23 am
I am so proud of you Alexandra, this is awesome work!

Mr. Slater said...
on Jan. 27 2010 at 12:39 pm
Wow, Alexandria! It is quite impressive to have your work published! Well done! Your play is very well-written...I'm wondering what your inspiration was for the storyline?

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