Break up

November 23, 2009
This scene takes place in a house and a library.

The main characters are: Carlos, Pedro, randy, Ana, and Jessica.

Ana: cute, short, smart, 8th grader, funny.
Carlos: dark skin, tall, 8th grader, likes Ana.
Pedro: light skin, long hair, 8th grader.
Randy: short, dark skin, 7th grader, and love cookies.
Jessica: short, 7th grader, light skin.

Scene 1

(While in the kitchen lights come up on Carlos and Pedro start talking about girls.)

Carlos: So yea, what we were talking about? (Wondering)

Pedro: Umm, (Thinking) I forgot, Wait wasn’t it about girls?

Carlos: Yes, it was, but what about them? (Shrugged)

Pedro: Well didn’t you say you like a girl name Ana?

Carlos: Yes I do I think she’s cute. (Shaking nervously)

Pedro: Then why you don’t kick it up to her?

Carlos: (Shaking nervously) I’m kind of scared? Can you help me? (nervous)

Pedro: Okay, I guess (laughing)

Carlos: Okay see you later. (Walked away talking to himself.) I wonder why he said I guess?

Scene 2

(Lights come up on Ana, Jessica and Randy while they’re sitting on the park.)

Randy: Who got cookies? (Eating cookies.)

Ana: Can you stop talking about cookies? (Angrily.)

Randy: (Sad.) ok.

Ana: Ok, there’s this boy that I think he’s really cute.

Jessica: What’s his name?

Ana: Carlos!!! (Smiling.)

Randy: Oh, I know him he’s always playing around. He’s funny, but I think he’s got a girlfriend.

Ana: I heard something like that but I didn’t believe it. (Sad.)

Jessica: I’m sorry but don’t worry they might break up, because I heard something about him and his girlfriend. (Shrugged.)

Randy: Who told you that?

Jessica: Some girl (Scared.)

Ana: But anyways let’s go back to the library and I’ll talk to him. (Thinking.) If he wants the other girl to go ahead, and if he wants to be with me ill take him.

(They walked inside the library.)

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