Monica and her baby

November 23, 2009
By Jossssssy Tejeda BRONZE, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Jossssssy Tejeda BRONZE, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
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Monica: 16 year old pregnant girl; out going, nice and funny.

Vanessa: Monica’s best friend; crazy, smart and nice.

Mother: Monica’s mother; nice, cool, and does anything for her daughter.

Father: Monica’s father; nice but strict, would give the whole world to Monica and Monica is Daddy’s Little Girl.

Jose: Monica’s Boyfriend; sweet, romantic and responsible & loves Monica a lot.

Carmen: Monica’s doctor. Carmen’s like another mother to Monica and loves Monica a lot.

Scene 1

Narrator: On a sunny morning and Monica’s mom cooking food and school calls the house and dad picked up and they told him that Monica was marked absent and her father stayed suspicious.

Mom: (calling Monica)

Monica: (saw the call and rejected the call)

Monica: (11pm and walks in) Hey dad

Father: Hhey dad? Where were you! (With a very mad face)

Monica: I w, wa, wass at school

Father: Monica! Why you lying for!

Monica: Just leave me alone (walks away)

Narrator: A few weeks later and Monica barely fits in her pants anymore. Wakes up goes straight to the bathroom and throws up.

Mom: Monica? Is everything ok?

Monica: Yeah mom, every things fine.

Mom: Okay den

Scene 2

Monica: (walks to school with Vanessa with painful cramps) Vanessa, I think am pregnant

Vanessa: Pregnant? What you talking about?

Monica: Well, hmm can you go to the doctor with me after school?

Vanessa: Sure, why not

Monica: Ah thanks

Narrator: Hours and hours passed and school over for the day, and Monica(Don’t need to bold) and Vanessa goes to the Doctor.

Doctor Carmen: Monica?

Monica: Right here! Vanessa, you can stay here

Vanessa: Ok

Doctor Carmen: So Monica, what brings you in today?

Doctor Carmen: Well, some stuff been happening lately and I don’t know but I think aI’m, pregnant.

Doctor Carmen: (with a surprised face) Wow, I mean you want to run down some exams?

Monica: That sounds good, I guess.

Narrator: Couple of days passed and Monica passed by the doctor for her results.

Doctor Carmen: Hey Monica, I got your results

Monica: so?

Doctor Carmen: It turned out to be positive. Monica, your’re pregnant

Monica: Pregnant? Oh my god, what am I going to tell my parents

Doctor Carmen: Just relax, every things going to be just fine

Monica: But am scared, am so young.

Doctor Carmen: I know, but just go home and think about it and come back if you need to.

Scene 3

Narrator: Monica’s in her room, calling Jose.

Monica: (calling Jose)

Jose: was good?

Monica: Hey, I need to talk to you about something very important

Jose: Yeah, what happen?

Monica: Hear it goes but don’t freak out.

Jose: Wow (laughs), I won’t. GO.


Jose: You’re what!

Monica: You heard

Jose: For real, have you told your parent yet?

Monica: No, I just found out today.

Jose: Oh, am going over

Monica: Okay. (And they hung up)

Narrator: Monica called Jose and told him that she was pregnant and now hishe’s going over to talk to their parents.

Jose: (rings doorbell), Where your parents at?

Monica: Over at the living room

Jose: you ready?

Monica: ah, yes lets get this over with.

Narrator: Jose and Monica walks to her parents, to tell them about her pregnancy.

Monica: Mom? Dad? We need to talk to both of yah.

Mom: What happen?

Monica: Well…

Jose: She’s pregnant!

Dad: (with a really mad face and yelling), YOU’RE WHAT! PREGNANT! Are you out of your mind!

Monica: I know I know, very crazy. (With tears after seeing her mother crying)

Mom: (crying) is this a joke?

Monica: I believe its not

Dad: you’re out of this house in this instant!

Mom: No, no, no, you can’t do this!

Dad: Oh yes I can!

Narrator: Monica went to and spent the night at Jose’s House, and two weeks had passed and she was still there. Later on that day she received a call from her mother. Months and months passed by and she had her baby shower and a week later she had her newborn baby boy Randy. Jose and Monica ended up buying a house and moving in with their baby boy. They still went to school and worked, and she well learned her lesson. Monica’s parents were shocked but still proud with the news but even though her father kicked her out of the house she forgive him because she knows what she was a mistake.

The End!

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