the mest up show

November 23, 2009
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Jordan 17 year old Long hairBlue eyes Tall 5’8Dominican Calm Cool Has no feelingsLoud
Police32 year old Short hairBrown eyesAfrican AmericanBlack Mad Loud Has feelings
Mitch 14 year old Short hairBrown eyes Tall 5’4White American/ Alabama RespectfulCalm Not hyper Not loud
Kenny 16CurlsBlack eyes Short 4’9Puerto RicanNot calmHyper Loud
Jimmy 14Long hairBrown eyes Tall 5’11Dominican Calm Hyper sometimes

Scene 1
(Boys graffiti because they were bored in a hot summer day police see them and they get in trouble)

Mitch: Yo what’s good Jordan

Jordan: Chilling

Jimmy: I’m bored lets do something

Kenny: Lets go graffiti its fun

Mitch: But what will happen if my parents find out

Kenny: If they do say it wasn’t u

Mitch: Okay

Jordan: Last time I went to graffiti was last month

Jimmy: It doesn’t mater lets go

Mitch: Are yall sure yall want to do this

Kenny: Yeah

Jordan: Ill be watch out cause my wrist hurts so I can’t graffiti

Kenny: Okay

(Kenny, Mitch, and Jimmy graffiti)

Jordan: Just past me a marker im getting bored here

Kenny: Doesn’t your wrist hurt?

Jordan: Forget about it

Police: Hey what are all ya’ll doing? Stop right there

Kenny: (screaming) Run guys run

Police: (mad) Don’t u dare to run

Kenny: Run

Jordan: Lets hop this fence

Mitch:(loud & mad) Damn Kenny got caught

Kenny:(sad & loud) I got caught keep going with out me

Police: Do u now those 3 other guys you were with

Kenny: No sir

Police: If u lie its worse for you

Kenny: Okay one of the is Jordan, Mitch and Jimmy

Police: Thank you for your cooperation

Scene 2
(At the court they found them guilty of graffiti in the city hall and they get sentenced one year in juvenile hall)
Police: I seen these 4 teens graffiti at the city hall last Friday night

Jordan: No we wasn’t your honor

Police: I got one of them to fest up to me his name is Kenny

Mitch: You snitch

Kenny: I’m sorry guys still cool?

Jimmy: Hell no

Kenny: Damn I’m me net guys

Jordan: No you snitch

Police: So as you see these teens are guilty

Judge: 1 .yr to juvenile hall

Jordan Mitch Jimmy: (at the same time) Nooooo

Scene 3
(The boys find Kenny the snitch and they beet him up cause if he never said anything they wouldn’t be in their)
Jordan: Were that snitch at?

Mitch: I’m looking for him to

Jimmy: (mad & serious) He’s over their lets mess him up

Kenny: Chill bro I’m good I ant fighting yall

Jordan: We don’t care then we will mess you up

Kenny: Go ahead

Jordan Mitch jimmy: (swinging their fist at Kenny) Yeah how does it feel now you little snitch

Kenny: Aw yall broke my nose and bruised my eyes and I got stitches in my lips

Scene 4
(Get out of juvenile hall and back to school and they become friends aging with them and they go to school)

Jordan: Damn I never want to back in their never want to go back never want to go back

Jimmy: (happy) In going back to school bro

Mitch: Me two

Kenny: Me tree

Jordan: how told you! You could come and chill with us or talk to us?

Kenny: Nobody

Jimmy: So what u doing?

Kenny: I just wonna be cool like the old days

Jordan: Aight thanks

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