Fake Crush

November 22, 2009
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Sunlight sparkled off of the tin roof, gleaming in Teanie’s eyes. She had had enough. She was done with this stupid weather. One minute it was pouring and another it was sunny. It was driving her bonkers, just like Johnny. One minute she was the love of his life the next she was his worst enemy. Why was he like a freak storm? Could he not make up his mind? Was she so rotten terrible that couldn’t love her as she was? She was semi-pretty, not too brainy and always nice to everyone. She wasn’t too nice was she, maybe that was it! But in Teanie’s heart she knew that he would never love her for her. She had already tried to be someone different, that hadn’t worked either.
When Teanie’s eye looked out of the sunlight, down to the ground she saw her best guy friend, Taylor. He was waving up at her with his crooked little grin. Suddenly a thought hit her. Taylor loves me for me. Teanie knew in that moment that Johnny wasn’t her true love meant to be. His love was just fake it was all an over exaggerated crush. She deserved better and from now on she was going to get it.

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maire said...
Dec. 22, 2009 at 5:18 pm
This is very nice. I like it
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