When The Wild flowers End

November 22, 2009
“Quick catch me if you can.” Yelled eight year old Delilah to her twelve year old sister Susan. “Not now!” Susan called back.

Her mind was racing with anger. A boy rich boy from school asked her to go to the movies with him. She was mad at him though. In class he would always make fun of her for being poor. She was so mad she slapped him across the face. She shouldn’t have done that. What he did later was horrifying. After she refused him he went around telling her friends that she thought they were dumb which lost her all of her friends.
“Susan will you play with me now, PLEASE?” asked a hyper Delilah. “Fine but only for a little while.” Susan replied back.
Three short years after that Delilah became sick with Scarlet Fever. Susan felt sorry for the little time she spent with her favorite sister. Her one true friend was dieing as slowly as her pet tortes ran. Her life flashed before her eyes. The good times she had with Delilah were a thing of the past. Now these days of sorrow grew more powerful as the days past. Susan had found herself in the wildflower patch. She would always watch then bloom.
Then the terrible day came. Delilah had died of Scarlet Fever. She slipped away in the middle of the night. Susan had lost her BEST FRIEND. The day she refused the boy three years ago was the last time she looked into those happy eyes and new she had a true friend.
The next day she went to the wildflower patch to watch them bloom. She waited till the sun came and they bloomed. The sun rose but the wildflowers did not. The day they did not bloom was the day she cried the most. She had always found comfort in the flowers.
The day of the funeral the flowers opened. They decided to lay her down to rest in the flower patch.
Now every spring when the flowers bloom the biggest ones are where Delilah lays in peace. Susan had many brothers and sisters, but Delilah had a very special place in her heart.

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