Her Deepest Misery, was My Greatest Joy.

November 21, 2009
By , pittsfield, MA
She saw this apparition in front of her, resembling a friend she once held dear. The reality of it was this figure was not a spirit but a former person who had changed so much in their ways that they could no longer be considered a human being, let alone a friend.

The hair of this ghostly essence resembled that of a wild beast, a beast that is so ruthless and terrible it feeds of off the souls of the innocent. This beast tore everything down in the path of its mindless destruction.
The eyes, oh those eyes, once filled with hopes, dreams and aspirations , now filled with angst, rejection, fear and most securely scorn. Eyes are said to be the window to the soul but these eyes there is no soul to be found just a dark empty vessel.

As examining the degenerate spectral she felt the dim fate of her fallen friend dizzily jolting into a permanently tumultuous state. She saw the crooked wrongs committed by this beast and for a single second this sharp-witted girl thought to herself "I must save this thing from itself." In the midst of this thought she was sprung back into the memories of pure belligerence, ample hostility, dreadful torment, and disappointing dismay. These thoughts brought her right back to realizing that this beasts deepest misery, was her deepest joy.

So after closely examining this fallen friend, no an apparition of what used to be a human being but more importantly a companion and realized she must secure her own fate and salvage her remaining days, because it is oh so prevalent that our time is far too short. She began to run, she wasn't quite aware of her final destination, but she knew all to well that anything had to better than looking into those scornful bitter eyes.

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