Just another day gone by

November 21, 2009
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This is a story about your average everyday 16 year old girl the only difference is that she is the presidants daughter. This girl whose name is Silver has lots of terrible and wonderful things in her life. This is her story.

Hello there everone my name is Silver Rose I am 16 years of age I have long black hair and silver eyes therefore explaining my name I am also the presidant of the United States daughter.

"Marie, one of the maids comes up the stairs saying that my father has an interveiw to go to and he would like to speak with me quickly before going." I nod my head and follow her back down the stairs" You wanted to speak with me father? I ask in my soft voice.

Ahh. Silver, Sweetheart there you are.father says

Yes. Did you need me for somthing? I ask

Yes one of your mothers friends' son Tyles Jones is going to be staying with us for the next few days because his parents are out of town and have nowhere for him to go. Now he is around your age maybe a year or so older so I expect that you will show him around.

I nod my head.
Thats my girl my father says before kissing me on the head and leaving.
I go upstairs to shower get dressed and brush my hair and teeth. As I pull my hair in a low ponytail I hear the doorbell ring I walk down the steps to see one of the butlers, Ben getting it. He opens the door and I see a very handsome young man around my age with bags in his hands. He whispers somthing to Ben and gives his bags to him. I make this the time to make my appearence. Who is this Ben? I ask This is Mr. Jones of Betty and Tom Jones Miss. Oh, ok. I say to Ben while turning to the boy whom I think goes by the name of Tyler. Good morning Mr.Jones I am Silver Rose I do hope that you are liking your stay in Washington so far. Why yes I am quite so Miss.Rose and please do call me Tyler. he replies. Only if you call me Silver. He smiles and nods. Well then Silver I was thinking we could get outta here and do somthing fun. My smile falters. I am terribly sorry but I am not allowd to leave unless granted permission from my father and the escourt of a guard. Oh come on Silver dont you ever just live a little. Well I suppose it would not hurt anyone if we just went out for a little while... I say driting off. Great! Tyler yells grabbing my arm and looking around before pulling me outside. Once we sneak off of the property he pulls me over to a restraunt just up ahead. After Come on we have to find you an outfit theres suppposed to be a great party tonight just a few blocks away he yells.
Well, umm I'm not really sure that a party would be a good idea. He glares down at me. What I mean is um um. A party sounds great I finaly mumble. He smiles and we walk in the store.
I walk over to some cute clothes while Tyler flings lots of clothes at me telling me to try them on.
I walk in the back into a dressing room and begin trying things on alot of the stupp looks trampy or stupid I pull on the last of the dresses just as Tyler calls me out. I step out of the room and Tyler gawks at me. Wow Silver you look hot! I flush a scarlet red. Come on we'll buy that for you right now we buy the dress and leave the store, we cross the street and he grabs on to my hand I feel butterflies in my stomache. Silver I know this probably seems really fasat and we did just meet a few hours ago but I think that I might be in love with you he ulps. I-I think I feel the same way I say looking up at him. He bends down and just before his lips connect with my lips I feel a sharp pain in my back then another then another I gasp in pain and fall backwards. Tyler stares at me with a shocked expression while a man tackles another man bearing a gun. Thats when the screaming bein they all crowded around me and realization hit them hard in the face whemn they realized who I was people all pulled out phones dialing 911. Tyler bends down next to me. Silver! Silver now you'd better stay with me we have that p-party to night he says as tears start falling from his face. I smile weakly at him. Thank you Tyler This was the best day of my life, thanks toyou I saw what it was like to be normal and have a good time I whisper as the pain begins to dull and the light starts dimming and I close my eyes as I lose all my senses together welcoming the darkness of death surrounding me...

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