Turning my back

November 20, 2009
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I looked at the quarterback as he snapped the ball. I ran with lightning speed ready to do anything to win. The ball soared overhead gaining speed and height like an airplane that just took off. I heard helmets ramming into each other behind me. Turning my back to the player guarding me, I took a leap of faith. My arm stretched out to grasp the spiraling ball. A sharp pain hit me in the back. I plummeted to the ground, falling hard. My body collapsed, the ball rolled out of my arms. A numb fell over half of my body. People huddled around as I lay there like a rock. My eyes stayed shut. A big silence fell over the crowd. Darkness.

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed. There was a wheel chair next to the bed. People were crying. To avoid my confusion someone said “Your legs are paralyzed.” Tears poured out of my eye like a waterfall. My dream was broken. Football was the only thing in my life, the only thing I cared about. Now I couldn’t even walk.

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