Crazy Mr. Reilly

November 20, 2009
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Mr. Rilley- old man, taught 7th grade, Irish.

Felix- short, Dominican and a student at the Curley

Pedro- tall, a student in the Curley, Dominican.

Tishaurn- short, smart, Hitian, student at the Curley.

Joel- tall, Dominican, student at the Curley.

Tito-tall, Dominican, students at the Curley.


The scene begins in room 212 in the Curley school were 5 boys name Felix, Tito, Pedro, tishaurn, and Joel, and a teacher mr.rilley. The 5 boys were playing around and throwing spitballs, and one of the spitball hit mr.rilley in the back of the head.

MR.RILLEY: (mad) who through this nasty thing at me?

(The whole class stayed quiet.)

Mr.rilley: who ever through this at me are going to be in a lot of trouble.

(Mr.rilley calls Felix outside.)

Mr.rilley: did you throw this at me?

Felix:(pisst of) no! Are you stupid?

Mr.rilley:ok Felix (pause) but I got my eyes on you.

Mr.rilley:(calls tito outside) did you throw this at me.

Tito: (mad) no! (Pause) why would I do that?

Mr.rilley: (calls tishaurn outside) tell me who did this?

Tishaurn: (wondering) I don’t know I was to busy doing my work.

Mr.rilley: (calls Joel outside) did you do this?

Joel: nope!

Mr.rilley: I don’t believe you.

Joel: ok! Don’t believe me.”

Scene 2

(The scene continues in mr.rilleys call trying to fix the problem)

Mr. Reilly: (mad) since no one wants to tell me who did this
Im going to call everyone’s parent.

Tishaurn: I did it Mr. Reilly!

Mr.reilly:I don’t believe this.

Tishaurn:(putting sad faces.) Its true I did it.

Mr. Reilly: well! (Pause) ima call your fatha
Not your motha your fatha.

Mr. Reilly:(calling his father) you discuss me little boy.

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