My Day At School

November 20, 2009
By TylerVogt BRONZE, Grand Island, Nebraska
TylerVogt BRONZE, Grand Island, Nebraska
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Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! It’s my alarm clock. I slug my alarm clock telling it to shut up. It’s 6:30 am. I slowly crawl out of bed like a old man gets out of a car. I slowly walk over to my closet and put my bath robe on. It is very cold in my room, when I head up the stairs to the kitchen I grab a glass from the cabinet. I get water from the sink, and chug that water like i haven’t had something to drink for weeks. Swish, the cup lands right in the sink. It’s time to go to the bathroom so I can take a relaxing shower, I turn the nob to the shower all the way to the right. It’s hot, very hot, so i turn the nob tell the temp is just right. I throw my bath robe on the ground and jump in , I am in that shower for 15 minutes. When I get out and dry my self off I look like one of those real old ladies that have wrinkles all over there body. When I am done drying off my hair I head to the sink so I can brush my teeth. I get my tooth brush but I can not find the tooth paste. I look high and low for that thing but I can not find it any where. My alternate route, mouth wash, I take a big swig and swish my mouth around like there is no tomorrow. It sure made my mouth smell nice but I could still feel the crap that’s on my teeth. I put my bathrobe on and head to my room, i put on my Eagle American pants on, but i can not find my black Eagle American shirt. “ Mom, wheres my black Eagle American shirt?“ I scream at the top of my lungs.. “ It’s hanging up in front of your T.V. I look up at the clock, it’s 7:30. Crap i am going to be late for school!!! I throw my little red book bag over my shoulder and head for the front door, I grab my moms keys on the way out. The car lets out a heaping ball of smoke when I start it. I look at the time one more time 7:45. “ Ahhhhhh” I am going to be late. I’m so mad i punch the driving wheel. “Honk” the horn goes off, I look at the front door to see if my mom would come out and yell at me, nothing. I hit the wheel again . “Honk” I look at the door. Mom pops out. “You need to shut up.” Screams my mom. My mom comes out at about 7:52. She walks over to the drivers side and opens the door,”Get out I am driving today.” I don’t say nothing, I unbuckle my seat belt and angrily stomp my way to the passenger side. Slam, I sit in the seat and buckle my seat belt. The whole time we are driving i say nothing. My mom dose not seam to mind.

We pull into the school there are no kids out side. I cant even see any kids inside. Click, I unbuckle my seat belt and open the door. I’m just about to shut it when. “Did you remember to bring your math book?” “fa” “don’t even say it” yells my mom! “ I’ll bring it to you over my lunch” said my mom. I’m questioning my self. Where is every one? Is it a weekend? I walk into the school i do not see any body. “Hi Mrs. Tennen.” “ Detention.” Yells Mrs. Tennen. “What, why.” I say. “ You are late to school” said Mrs. Tennen. Fine i mutter under my breath. I’m walking threw the halls it is very weird there is no body hear. I finally reach the office. “Could I have a pass to class?” The ladie dose not look at me, dosen’t not even say any thing. She hands me the pass. “Thank you.” I finally make it to class I am scared to open the door. It looks like every body is siting in there seats and it looks like they are reading The Skin I’m In. We started to read that book like 8 weeks ago. The door is as loud a train horn. “ Your late Tyler” said Mrs. Heart. “ I have a pass” I say quietly. I give her the pass and head for a seat. Yep we are reading The Skin I’m In. We read that book for about 30 minutes. I glance at the clock, It says 8:48. “ Stop looking around and look at your book” screams Mrs. Heart. I don’t even take think about it I hurry up and look at my book. Mrs. Heart is not the type of person you wont to argue with. Mrs. Heart is nice in the mornings, but when you make her mad she can be like a wild bull in a rodeo. It’s 8:58 we have two minutes tell the bell rings. Mrs. Heart is still reading, I put my hand up so high I think I could feel God. “ What is it now Tyler?” said Mrs. Heart. “It’s all most time to leave.” I say quietly. “You will leave when I tell you, you can leave.” shouts Mrs. Heart. Ring! Ring! Ring! The first bell of the day. No body moves, we all just stare at Mrs. Heart, waiting to get the signal that
we can leave. Mrs. Heart nodes her head. Thats the signal, we all jump out of are seats and head for the door. I take my time I am in no hurry.

I hate walking down the halls every body judges you on how you walk, what you ware, how you act, and who you hang out with, and they label you, it’s stupid. I finally reach Mrs. G’s room I am the first one in there. Every body else is at hulas, it’s a food place where you can get food, drinks, any thing you can think. I set my little red book bag on the ground and sit in my seat. We do not have a seating arrangement so you can sit where ever you wont. I sit there for 4 minutes. Ring! Ring! Ring! The late bell has just rang. Every body scrambles to get to a good seat. Mrs. G shuts the door and starts to talk about what we are going to do today. Them same girls that are late every day are at the door knocking away. Mrs. G walks over and opens it. “ Take a seat” Mrs. G yells. Them girls run to there seats as fast as lion runs to catch up to there pray. In there hands are them hot cheetos with cheese in it. “Put the food away” yells Mrs. G. “ I am going to lose my voice if I keep yelling at you like this.” Mrs. G told us that we are going to be doing a project today. We are reading chapters 10, 11, and 12 today and we are going to write about them. Mrs. G made me and cindy partners. “ I am going to read by my self.” I say fine and start to read, I was completely done with in 5 minutes. I look over at Cindy's paper she is still on the first question. It’s very heard to pay attention in Mrs. G’s class room. Every body in that class has there ipods out. There is one song going on in front of me. A song going on in back of me. The music is coming from every where. But it’s what ever I did it once. Ring! Ring! Ring! Wow class is over with all ready, where did the time go? I pick up my little old red book bag and throw it over my shoulder. and head for the door. “ By Mrs. G. I say on my way out. I push and shove my way threw the halls they are bad. It’s like there is no room to breath. Finally reaching the music room. I realize that I left my cell phone in Mrs. G’s room. I throw my book bag on the ground and julte out the door. I fell like a race car driver I am passing and zooming down the halls. When I get there I don’t see it on the desk where I was siting. I looked high and low for that thing but I could just not find it. I must be stupid because my cell phone was in my hand the whole time!! I take my time walking to the show chore room. Most all of the students are in there class rooms, working on there work. Every body is siting in there seats warming up and toning there voices. I slowly set my book bag on the ground, I try not to make any noise. When I set my book bag on the ground I walk over to the shelfs that hold are music. I grab my little orange folder and head to my seat. While I am walking to my seat I trip over one of there bags. I land right flat on my face. No body looks at me I must not of made a sound. I stand up and try to act like nothing just happened. Putting my finger up to itch my nose. I pull my finger down and see red on my finger. “Crap!” I scream. Every body stares at me. I am Bleeding.

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