The Break-up

November 19, 2009
By nicolenorth92 SILVER, Belcamp, Maryland
nicolenorth92 SILVER, Belcamp, Maryland
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“He’s late again,” Sam murmured to herself while looking at her watch. This was typical. Every time her boyfriend, Max, made plans, he would either forget or show up late. Max was far from the “big man on campus”. He had dark brown hair with the most unique shade of green eyes. His wardrobe consisted mostly of black, anything from Hot Topic, and the same mud spattered combat boots everyday. He was what you call, socially awkward. Max was the kid who was always there, yet never seen. Sam had always liked him for his mysterious side, which is why she had asked him out. So, Sam walked back to her car and shut the door. It was starting to get dark, and she could see the reflection of the full moon on the lake. She thought it was absolutely beautiful. Beautiful and peaceful, all thoughts were forgotten, until, she heard the rumbling of his truck driving up the street. When he got out of his car, he saw Sam, wearing an expression that told him what he already knew.

“Yeah, I know, I’m late. I’m sorry,” Max said, staring down at his feet. “But thanks for coming, happy anniversary.” He said to her while giving her a bouquet of roses. Max knew they were her favorite and she could never resist them.
“Wow!” Said Sam. “These are soo gorgeous! But, it’s no excuse for being late. I’ve been waiting for over an hour. And of all places, the lake? It’s freezing!! And I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes!” she said while slapping away at her legs. Max quickly took off his jacket and handed it to her.
“Here” he said, “take my jacket”. So Sam shrugged it on over her shoulders. She could smell the faint smell of his cologne still lingering on it. She loved that smell. It always reminded her of him. They both then linked arms and started walking. It was pretty quiet, but they didn’t need to talk to know what was going on.
“I still can’t believe you showed up late…you always do. I don’t know whether to show up on time or an hour late myself! Do you think you could at least give me a warning next time?” Max then let go of her hand and walked away angrily.
“God damnit! Do you ever stop complaining! I said I was sorry! Why can’t you ever believe me?! All I wanted was a night of star gazing with my girl, this is where we met if you even remember. This very spot…. 5 years ago. That was the night I fell in love with you. I knew you would be the girl I would want to spend every moment of my life with. The way we looked into each other’s eyes, But, you’re being so ungrateful!” Sam was speechless, but found her voice seconds later.

“Well I’m so sorry that I’ve made your life a living hell! I could do so much better then you! I can’t stand your emotional crap anymore! It’s like I’m never good enough for you! Your always criticizing what I do! I always have to put up with this! Well, not anymore! I’m DONE!” Sam yelled at him, tears stinging her eyes. She didn’t wanna cry and have him see how much she really cared.

“Well, I really think you shouldn’t be so over dramatic. We have plans here babe, you’re ruining them.” Max said. He was starting to get nervous, he didn’t know what else to say.

“…I should’ve dated a jock, I’m the head cheerleader, I shouldn’t be dating an emo kid. What was I thinking?! UGH.”

“Well, with your luck you still good. I know you cheated on me last weekend at that party. You were totally wasted yet again. You know it’s not good for you to do that. …I’m worried about you….” Max stuttered. There. He had said it. Then, he watched as Sam’s face became redder and redder. Then, the tears starting streaming down her face, she couldn’t help it.

“WHAT?! How did you kn-… well okay, I’m sorry. But I need a guy that can understand my needs! Not a guy crying on my shoulder.”

“Well if that’s what you want, I guess you’ll get your wish. I’m done. Besides I’ve been cheating on you with your best friend for the past three months. She loves my sensitive side and I told her that I loved you both.”
“whoa. I can’t believe you would cheat on me! That’s supposed to be what I do! I’m the one who wears the pants in this relationship!!” Sam was really mad now, but started feeling a little guilty. Things shouldn’t have gotten this out of control….

“What relationship?! I told you!!! It’s over! I’m done! Hah. And to think I dumped Ashley to be with you. To MARRY you. Yeah that’s right” he said while Sam looked at him stupidly. “I was going to propose tonight. Our four year anniversary. But since it seems we’re so unhappy I’ve changed my mind. Here, keep the ring.” Max said with disgust as he threw the ring over to Sam. It landed next to her with a thud. As max got in his car and drove away, Sam opened the box with tears. Inside was Max’s grandmother’s ring. He had promised he would give it to the girl he would love and cherish forever. And with that, Sam was left alone in the dark crying. With only the sound of the crickets to comfort her.

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