“All's Well That Ends Well”

October 28, 2009
By , Calgary, Canada
We had just reached the home of the “Golden Gate” bridge. It promised to be an interesting trip. My mind started revolving around the thought of tanning on the beaches and sight seeing, whereas my sister was ready to stop everything and go shopping. This trip already seemed like it was going to be a tug-a-war. This question was will my parents go for my sister's idea of fun or mine?

It was the third day of our muy enérgico trip. My dad, the guy who had to arrange everything, wanted everyone to get a chance to enjoy their idea of fun. On the other hand my mother was determined that everything happens according to her plans, which had crockery shopping written all over them. This was already starting on a high note of conflict. My sister was also adding her stupidity into it. However that made two people wanting to go shopping, so there was a rare chance I would get to do what I wanted, which included relaxing, swimming, and sight seeing. This was just the beginning of the debate.

I was already having a small conflict in my mind whether to tell my dad about my idea of the holidays, or go with the flow. It hadn't been five minuted into the debate, I was getting annoyed, and yelled that I wanted to go see the “Golden Gate” bridge. My parents were stunned that I had an out burst which was very unlike me. As everyone turned to look at me I decided to resolve my inner conflict, and tell my parents about what I wanted to do. The debate took another landing after all the chattering and yelling. My sister, my brother, and I left my parents to decide the solution. They ended up using majority rules, so obviously shopping won.

I was very disappointed in my dad about the fact that he voted for shopping and not sightseeing. This was a shock, a dismay, a heart breaker because he didn't side with me, his little angel. Normally he would drop everything and make sure I got what I wanted. What happened? I walked my way over to see him. I looked up to him. I gave him a disappointed frown through my hazel eyes to his chestnut eyes. I could tell he felt bad, not judging by the fact that he told me that he felt bad. My dad immediately told my mom that we were going to shop for only two hours and then going to go sightseeing.

My mom and rest had to agree because my dad was the one driving. The rest of the summer was better. We all tried different things. We all got to do what we wanted. And we all ended on a good note. We all also learned that “All's well that ends well.”

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