He Did It For Me

November 19, 2009
By , Floral Park, NY
Think. That's all I have to do. All I have to do is think. I have to think to breathe and think to just put one foot in front of the other.

I walk down the hallway in school, feeling the stares of everyone all around me. I keep muttering to myself that they don't know me. What they say can't hurt me. I keep walking. Someone bumps into me and I mutter a quick sorry to them. Can my day get any worse than this?

Yeah; it can, actually. The Guy is staring right at me and I turn randomly to a locker. Pretending it was mine, I fiddled with the lock. I can't believe that out of all people, he knows to. He may be popular, but it still isn't his business to know.

What happened was between me and my family. No one has the right to say anything. No one but me.

I do a quick over-the-shoulder check to see if he's still there. Fortunately enough, his friend is talking to him. I step back from the locker, staring at the number and turning around to get to my real locker.

I can't help but think that people are scared of me now. What happened wasn't my fault, and some people should be smart enough to know that.

I walked at a fairly fast pace, dodging the smaller kids as they whiz by. After what seems like forever, I got to my locker. I turned the lock with full concentration, trying to tune out everyone voice. I could still hear the whispers, though, and it was driving me nuts.

As soon as I got my locker open, the first bell rang. "Let the blood bath begin" I quoted from a movie I watched over the weekend.

Here's where having a track at my high school comes in handy. I ran to class after getting my books, smoothly dodging everyone in my way, and got to my seat right before the second bell.

My day went by without any trouble... or at least, trouble with me, for once.

Once I got home, I felt relieved to feel my bed sheets under me. I now know that I can rest peacefully.

The next week went by in a blur. However, the Guy keeps staring at me. Sooner or later, he seemed to be stalking me.

Why him? His gorgeous features are no match compared to mine.

By the end of the month, he finally said something. I could never forget what his face looked like. I never saw him smile or laugh before, and to have him do that for me changed everything that I saw.

He came up to me, ran his fingers through his hair and said, in a soft tone, "Hello."

First thing that came to my brain was: DON'T FREAK OUT. I had done enough damage already with that one incident. I don't need another.

I felt my face get hot as I said, "Hi" back.

He kept talking to me. I tried listening, but it felt like there was water in my ears. All I could think about was, "Holy Cow! Holy Cow! Holy Cow!", and when he gave me an envelop I took it and told him thanks. I'm glad I did thank him.

I opened the envelop that day when I got home. It was a party at his house for his birthday. Out of all the kids in the grade, why me?

I had to think ahead of time for everything that I needed: his gift, what I need to wear... what I need to know about him.

That last thing wasn't really as hard as I thought. He kept asking me if I was coming, and I kept telling him that I wasn't sure. He told me once that he really wanted me there and that a lot of his friends will be there too. Not that I cared for his friends, but I would come to anything for him anytime.

When the day of the party came, my stomach felt like it was trying to escape through my mouth. My heart was going to burst out of control.

I rang the bell and his friend opened the door. He HAD a smile on his face, but once he saw me, it vanished. I tried to smile back, but my muscles couldn't work. Where was he when I needed him the most?

I walked in and most of the people there was just staring at me. It wasn't as big as I thought, but there was plenty of people to get a party started.

I walked around a lot, just carrying a drink and staring down at the floor.

After a while, I found a door that led to the backyard. I opened it and stepped through.

I found him there, sitting on the grass, watching the night sky. I smiled to myself.

I sat next to him. He didn't budge. I placed my drink down on the other side of me.

I leaned on my elbows, just like what he was doing. Every once in a while, we switched around to a more comfortable position.

After a while, he sighed, looked at me and said, "Best thing that's ever happened to me." He smiled at me and took my hand in his.

I smiled back at him, and stayed with him and knew nothing else can go wrong.

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