Have you seen me?

November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

We all have the moments when we feel like our entire lives are well useless? tiresome, boring, well try living out your entire life like that, a whole whopping sixteen years of feeling just so useless. The mere thought of this used to keep me awake at night as the rest of the household was fast asleep. Even my dog whose loyalty knows no bounds rests her small head while curling up right next to me on the couch.
I am not anyone special nor anyone worth mentioning yet there is a boiling in my blood a moment when my mind SCREAMS OUT in pure agony. Why? I am just a shadow, a casing of the invisable person who no one will notice.
Until I turned fourteen, My friends and I used to joke about some great power ahead of us. To be mere mortals no more and yet upon the rude awakening of turning fourteen i noticed something diffrent about me. Well it was there before, when I used to show glimpses of myself. There was a glimpse of a fire and spark of lightening and then I was off. I had found bits and pieces of who I was. Life a big puzzle piece that mysteriously loses all the pieces to. Now like a pirate searching for treasure of even something out of a movie my life as begun. I feel it, A new Adventure, something urgeing me to move in this big chess board and what's a girl to do? Stop?
I think not.
I hunt down my dreams and face my fears, I dance with danger and flirt with chaos. Following my heart and mind which beckons me to it's own accord of to the drum of destiny. I'm afraid since this tale as no ending I cannot give you one yet listen, wait, watch, you can find your own.

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Melo said...
on Dec. 15 2009 at 7:25 am
Great starter for a story needs mire to it though!


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