November 20, 2009
I am on my way to a scary haunted house. It was at the SCEB. My brother and I walked into the doors of a dark black haunted house! Almost like creeping up to something. As i walk slowly farther and farther, waiting for something to pop out at me, but not knowing when it will scream or touch my shivering shoulder. Rawrrrrr! Ahhhh, i screamed! I turned back to my brother to see his reaction! This will be good i thought to myself! I turned around and he was gone. Oh my word, where could he have gone. I am going to be in the most trouble ever! I was currently responsible for him, he didn't have a cell phone or anything, that i could possibly locate him. I immediately turn around and start heading back to the main door, to ask questions. Where could he be? To be continued :)

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