The Priceless Treasure And The Priceless Thief

November 19, 2009
By Turtle BRONZE, New Tazewell, Tennessee
Turtle BRONZE, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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(You only get one life.)

There once was a thief who had been able to conquer all but one treasure.A treasure thats value surpassed all.Determined to steal this treasure she began her journey.As a thief in the night she headed toward my chest in which contained the treasure.While on her steed of determination she rode like a shadow unknown and mysterous closer to my heart.So cunning and clever as she passed through my thoughts.Even more wise to sneak into my dreams.A thief with one goal,one treasure,one chance.She rode through the years of my life.Upon her arrival to her destination time had took hold of her and had whispered despair into her ears.It followed her and continued to whisper doubt and disbelief.Then when the thief finnaly came to the end of the long and difficult journey her head had been filled with such ambiguity that as she grasped the treasure in her hands and stared at its supreme existence she placed it back into my chest and left telling herself such a thing does not exist.As she made it home she noticed a light beaming in her chest in which contained her heart.She carefully opened it just realize she had sucessfully stolen my heart,but while she was stealing my heart I had stole hers.

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