A Heart Pendant With

November 16, 2009
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The rain pounded the car window and the front wind shield. The wipers looked like they were fighting a battle they couldn’t win. Cars flew by him but because of the rain officer Brandon didn’t want to go on a high speed chase in the middle of the night in this small town. The town didn’t even show up on the map he thought as he lost his train of thought and pulled up to a red light. He stopped and thought to himself what a boring night. But it would soon change, even if he liked it or not.

As the light seemed to take forever to change green, Officer Brandon turned on the music. As the channels changed all he could receive was static, he let out a sigh figuring the rain was clouding the air. Then a channel, techno. Great he thought as he sat in his car turning the radio off. He was removing his hand from the dial when he noticed a car screaming down the road he knew it was going to hit him.

There was only time to brace for the impact. And that’s what he did. His prediction was right the car was running at him like a dog for a bone, it wasn’t going to stop maybe it didn’t see him maybe he just was suicidal maybe something was wrong. All those options flew through his mind during the split five seconds before impact. The cars slammed the sound of metal meeting metal creating scratches, dents, scars; the cars met and moved both cars were battered. Officer Brandon’s car was flung sideways, the glass seemed to fly around and cut his arms, and legs. The other car was slammed into a light pole and Officer Brandon could see a figure flown from the windshield into the dirt. The car beeped with a continuous rate and so did his heart. A few scratches were the worst he could see. Nothing internal, he hopped. As he reached for the door handle he tried to open it. It wouldn’t. The steel was closed onto it. It wasn’t moving. He reared his leg and kicked what remained of his destroyed window. As he climbed from his car the pain of being assaulted by the car behind him caught his neck and his bake. He fell to the ground and looked up, a slight movement from the figure of the ground got up and began to wobble away limb and hurt.

“Stop!” wheezed Brandon. But the man began to do an awkward sprint and disappeared into the rain.

Brandon got to his feet to give some attempted chase until he saw another figure in the back seat he slowly limped catching himself from colliding to the ground from exhaustion. The doors weren’t as destroyed as the front. He opened the door and looked inside a girl, blonde hair, marred. She was unconscious he could tell but she was breathing her small body bruised and battered. The car was smoking, black smoke. Brandon knew he was going to have to get the girl out, he began to lift her it killed his neck and a pain in his chest seemed to stab him like it was trying to get out, he lifted her small body but she felt almost five times her size. He carried her away and placed her slowly on the ground, as he was placing her onto the ground her necklace relaxed its grasp on her neck and fell in Officer Brandon’s hands. A pendant cold in his hands he opens it. Nothing in it. A heart pendant, with nothing in it. The necklace’s colors were brilliant in the small light from the cars now blazing interior. The red light glowed onto her face, she opened her eyes and seen the Officer next to her, she moved her mouth and the words thank you wanted to fall out, but couldn’t. Only darkness could cover her eyes.

The sun blazed through the window tickling Brandon’s eyebrows as he awakened in the hospital. Wires and machines bound him to small movements, and as he sat up his the familiar chest pain had come back. A nurse came in and gave a smile.

“How are you feeling today Mr. Richards?” the attractive nurse asked.

“Where is the girl, the girl at the crash?” he said in a panic.

“Mr. Richards, I am sorry to tell you this but there was no girl at that accident you called in. Honestly, you’re very lucky to be alive, if it wasn’t for your good conditioning you wouldn’t be.”

“I don’t care about any of your words there was a girl there I remember!” he said in an interrupting scream.

“Mr. Richards there was no girl at the scene I promise you.” Officer Brandon forced his way out of bed and began to pull the cords from his body. “Help.” screamed the nurse. Doctors rush the roomed and stuck a needle into Officer Brandon’s vain and squeezed him to sleep.

“No, the girl, help… the girl,” he softly moaned closing his eyes whether under his control or not.


Many days gone by Officer Brandon was ready to be released, as he approached the counter to retrieve his belongings he reached out his face empty, no emotions came from him only sadness, he was lost. As he approached his car he sat inside waiting for Jim his partner to take him home he shuffled through his items. He saw a brilliant piece of work cold in his hands; he opened it there was nothing in it. A heart pendant with nothing in it.

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