I miss you (new revised)

October 24, 2009
By Anonymous

I miss you Sarah

Hey Sarah, I can't believe it's been an entire year. It’s been a whole year and I am still in denial. I stand on this rock just waiting...waiting for you to run down shore with your flowery surf board in your right arm. To think of it, you had the matching swimsuit. Remember when I borrowed your board and almost drowned? You jumped in and save me that was too funny. Come to think of it I never told you how thankful I was. That was so long ago, but still, thanks Sarah.
*** [2]

It’s funny how you really start to reminisce on all the little memories when you miss someone. Remember that time Shirley Davis made fun of me cause I wore a Sesame Street shirt in fourth grade? You set him straight once you saw me crying. I never will forget how he balled up and cried. Remember that time we took your dad's car to go shopping? We couldn't get the car out of reverse so we kept going in circles sending people dashing all over the street. I took full responsibility because your dad was going to have you kicked off that volleyball team. We had each other’s backs then. I wish I had your back the night I drove that car under the influence, and crashed. You were gone and I was in the hospital in a coma. I want you to know that I will never drink again. I hate that is took the life of my best friend for me to realize the effects of alcohol. I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life…I know you wouldn’t want to see me cry so I’ll try to pull myself together. It’s just so hard Sarah…So hard to say goodbye to you. I can’t do that, I refuse to do it.

*** [4]

I come to this rock every day now. This was your favorite place, a vacation from the struggles of life as you called it. We shared secrets here, sang songs, danced, and hung out. We used to surf the waves together, nobody could keep us away from this place. I always will cherish those precious memories. They can all call me crazy, but I swear I can hear your voice through the ocean. Your still alive in my heart and memories, this ocean just brings you more to life.


Your brother misses you so much. He comes in our closet and hugs your clothes he stays in there for hours. He wanted me to tell you that he loves you and wants you to come home. He sleeps with your favorite bear...what was its name? Mr.Snuggums. Your parents sleep with your pillow, they haven't washed it since you last lay on it. They are taking it hard. I know you would want to let them know you’re in a better place and your still there...in their hearts. Sarah as I leave this rock today, I don't say goodbye...I say see you again. I know we will meet again. Until then, rest in peace my friend. I love you and in the bottom of my heart I know we will meet again. I know we will.

The author's comments:
17 year old Aaliyah hart's friend died last year. to cope with the loss Aaliyah comes to the beach where her and her friend hung out all of the time. she finds comfort in talking to the ocean. in this emotional story

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